So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 41: Fate Reforged

‚ÄčKevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Fate Reforged for Vintage, and analyze the recent Banned and Restricted List updates.

0:01:00: Delver Primer
0:06:30: Vintage Super League: Season 2
0:12:00: Treasure Cruise Restriction
0:24:30: Gifts Unrestricted!
0:36:30: Khans of Tarkir Report Card
0:43:00: Monastery Mentor
0:57:50: Soulfire Grand Master
1:00:20: Lightform/Cloudform/Soul Summons
1:03:30: Reality Shift
1:12:00: Temporal Trespass
1:13:55: Tasigur, the Golden Fang
Total runtime: 1:19:53

Show Notes

Vintage Super League
Vintage Super League on WotC

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