So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 36: Conspiracy and Vintage Masters

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian examine Conspiracy for Vintage, and discuss the contents and release of Vintage Masters on Magic Online (MTGO).

0:03:25: Dack Fayden
0:08:19: Conspiracies
0:10:25: Council’s Judgment
0:14:20: Split Decision
0:19:30: Treasonous Ogre
0:21:32: Dack’s Duplicate
0:25:15: Deal Broker
0:30:50: Coercive Portal
0:38:55: Vintage Masters

Other Show Notes

Team Serious Vintage Open June 14 (Columbus, OH, USA)
NYSE Vintage Open 2 June 20-22 (New York, USA)
Team Serious Vintage Open June 28 (Berea, OH, USA)
Team Serious Vintage Open July 26 (Warrens, MI, USA)

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