Old School at SCGCON 2018 Coverage and Results

Eternal Central are proud to present coverage of Old School at SCGCON 2018, a charity event held in Roanoke (Virginia, USA). The charity for this year’s event is the Angels of Assisi Community Pet Clinic and Adoption Center .

This year’s event had 55 players preregistered (46 showed up) to play 93-94, in the beautiful White Room at Blue 5 Restaurant in downtown Roanoke.

Pairings and Standings

Round 1 Pairings, Round Ends 12:15
Round 2 Pairings, Round Ends 1:20
Round 3 Pairings, Round Ends 2:20
Round 4 Pairings, Round Ends 3:20
Round 5 Pairings, Round Ends 4:20
Round 6 Pairings, Round Ends 5:20
Round 7 Pairings, Round Ends 6:20

Final Standings

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded)

First NameLast NameDeckAwarded
LucasAllisonGoblins Mono Red
JimBaileyTroll Disco Black Red
AaronBlueBlack Green ShadowsMost Creative Deck 4th Place
BrendonBowersoxThe Deck
ScottBradleyTroll Disco URB
MarkBrothersRUG Aggro
JackBucklandWhite Weenie
DarrellChildressGoblins Mono Red
DustinClarkTroll Disco URB01 Place After Swiss Rounds
JasonCollinsMono White
JimmyCooneyFungal EnchantressMost Creative Deck 1st Place
DaveCrowleyRed Green Berserk Aggro
EricDebroskyRed Green Land DestructionMost Creative Deck 5th Place
PaulDeSilva5C Alpha Gasoline
AlexDeVriesWhite Weenie
NicholasDickersonKobolds!Most Creative Deck 2nd Place
PhilipDituriDreams Combo 4C15 Place After Swiss Rounds
JamesEasteppeRUG Burn12 Place After Swiss Rounds
MatthewFinkBlack Blue Skies
FrancisÿFordMono Blue ControlMost Creative Deck 8th Place
JustinFranksThe Deck09 Place After Swiss Rounds
ShawnFrenchNaya Bazaar Zoo11 Place After Swiss Rounds
DavidHaftnerTitania's Prison UWG07 Place After Swiss Rounds
RajahJamesTurbo LichMost Creative Deck 3rd Place
ChristianJornUWRB AC
LinseyJornWhite Weenie
RyanKeachMono Blue Artifact Aggro
GregKraigherGoblins Mono Red
TomLancasterUBR Aggro Heaters13 Place After Swiss Rounds
DavidLancePink Weenie03 Place After Swiss Rounds
JasonLaskePink Weenie05 Place After Swiss Rounds
JaredLentzBlack Red Land Destruction Nether VoidMost Creative Deck 6th Place
WillMagrannUR Atog Burn06 Place After Swiss Rounds
MateenMansoorThe Deck
SteveMcGrew5C MirrorBall
RyanMcKinneyRUG Tempo04 Place After Swiss Rounds
PaulMessplayPower Monolith
ShaneMottBlack Red
ChrisRossMono Black Zoo
MichaelScheffenackerAtog Burn URB02 Place After Swiss Rounds
BenoitSevenoTwiddle Vault Combo
LonStarkeyMerfolk Mono BlueMost Creative Deck 7th Place
AndrewTaylorPower Monolith14 Place After Swiss Rounds
MikeTompkinsRed Green Berserk Aggro08 Place After Swiss Rounds
NamTranPower Monolith16 Place After Swiss Rounds
AndrewWalkerRUG Zoo10 Place After Swiss Rounds

ALL Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Lucas Allison – Goblins Mono Red

Jim Bailey – Troll Disco Black Red

Aaron Blue – Dark Hearts and Deep Shadows

Brendon Bowersox – The Deck

Scott Bradley – Troll Disco URB

Mark Brothers – RUG Aggro

Jack Buckland – White Weenie

Darrell Childress – Goblins Mono Red

Dustin Clark – Troll Disco URB

Jason Collins – Mono White

Jimmy Cooney – Fungal Enchantress

Dave Crowley – Red Green Berserk Aggro

Eric Debrosky – Red Green Land Destruction

Paul DeSilva – 5C Alpha Gasoline

Alex DeVries – White Weenie

Nicholas Dickerson – Kobolds!

Philip Dituri – Dreams Combo 4C

James Easteppe – RUG Burn

Matthew Fink – Black Blue Skies

Francis Ford – Mono Blue Control

Justin Franks – The Deck

Shawn French – Naya Bazaar Zoo

David Haftner – Titania’s Prison UWG

Rajah James – Turbo Lich

Christian Jorn – UWRB AC

Linsey Jorn – White Weenie

Ryan Keach – Mono Blue Artifact Aggro

Greg Kraigher – Goblins Mono Red

Tom Lancaster – UBR Aggro Heaters

David Lance – Pink Weenie

Jason Laske – Pink Weenie

Jared Lentz – Black Red Land Destruction Nether Void

Will Magrann – Atog Burn UR

Mateen Mansoor – The Deck

Steve McGrew – 5C MirrorBall

Ryan McKinney – RUG Tempo

Paul Messplay – Power Monolith

Shane Mott – Black Red

Chris Ross – Mono Black Zoo

Michael Scheffenacker – Atog Burn URB

Benoit Seveno – Twiddle Vault Combo

Lon Starkey – Merfolk Mono Blue

Andrew Taylor – Power Monolith

Mike Tompkins – Red Green Berserk Aggro

Nam Tran – Power Monolith

Andrew Walker – RUG Zoo

Tournament Action and Wrapup

Round 1 Fight!

A few drink specials

Round 1 Cooney vs. Buckland

Round 1 Keach vs. Messplay

Round 1 McGrew vs. Jorn

Round 1 Mansoor vs. Lance

Round 1 Sudden Death Chaos Orb Flipping

Round 2 Ross vs. Jorn

Round 2 Fink vs. Blue

Round 2 Devries vs. Allison

Round 2 Seveno vs. Bradley

Round 3 Mott vs. Allison

Round 3 Seveno vs. Tompkins

Round 3 Walker vs. Cooney

Round 3 Haftner vs. Crowley

Round 3 James vs. Laske

Round 3 Childress vs. Keach

Round 3 McGrew vs. Lentz

Round 3 Dickerson vs. Ross, banana for scale

Round 4 Bowersox vs. Seveno

Round 4 Lentz vs. Jorn

Round 4 McGrew vs. Lancaster

Round 4 James vs. Lance

Round 4 Debrosky vs. Franks

Round 4 Scheffenacker vs. French

Round 5 Keach vs. Blue

Round 5 Bowersox vs. Crowley

Round 5 Franks vs. Buckland

Round 5 Mansoor vs. Kraigher

Round 5 James vs. McGrew

Round 5 Debrosky vs. Magrann

Rob Alexander relearning about Vintage

Round 5 French vs. Laske

Round 5 Tompkins vs. Lancaster

Round 6 Collins vs. McGrew

Round 6 Haftner vs. Tran

Round 6 Lance vs. French

Round 6 Debrosky vs. Tompkins

Round 6 Sudden Death Chaos Orb Flipping

Round 7 McGrew vs. Cooney

Round 7 Lorn vs. Devries

Round 7 Starkey vs. Bowersox

Round 7 Haftner vs. Taylor

Round 7 Rob Alexander Learning About Atog

Some prizes!

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email eternalcentral@gmail.com.