GP Vegas CFB Old School 93-94 Coverage and Results

Eternal Central is proud to present coverage of Channel Fireball’s Old School 93-94 event at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018. In the spirit of a growing number of Old School events around the world, a portion of the proceeds from this event were generously donated to charity, and the charity for this event was No Kid Hungry.

Many thanks go to Luis-Scott Vargas for sharing a great deal of the information, so we could bring you this coverage. A whopping (and unexpected by CFB) 92 players showed up to battle with sweet old cards in Las Vegas this year. Channel Fireball ran the event on site at the convention center on Thursday June 14 2018. Entry fee was $50, with a portion going to the aforementioned charity, and all players receiving a commemorative playmat, along with a trophy for first place, and prize wall points for other players. It was run as a “sanctioned casual event,” which means that while this tournament used most of the Eternal Central recommended 93-94 rules, CFB has a practice of not allowing Collector’s Edition/International Edition, and this is because of the relationship that Premier Event Partners maintain with WotC, and the delicate balance they must maintain. While EC events are typically held offsite, retailers and large tournament organizers who hold events on site usually walk this same line to maintain their partnership with WotC. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly nice to see CFB and players like Luis-Scott Vargas and friends who are legitimately excited about slinging old cardboard join the community, and further support it here and elsewhere.

Pairings and Standings

Although there were 92 players signed up, the event was ran as 5 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to a Top 8 playoff, due to time considerations.

Standings after Swiss (5 Rounds)

Top 8 after Swiss (5 Rounds)
1 Jonathan Salem UWB Control
2 Michael Christian URB Troll Disco
3 Christian Jorn UWRB Aggro Control
4 Jason Murray The Deck
5 Randy Buehler Tax Edge Combo 5C
6 Edwin Tracy RUG Zoo
7 Kyle Souza URB Aggro Control
8 Erik Olofsson The Deck

1 Salem vs. 8 Oloffson – Oloffson wins 2-1
2 Christian vs. 7 Souza – Souza wins 2-0
3 Jorn vs. 6 Tracy – Tracy wins 2-1
4 Murray vs. 5 Buehler – Murray wins 2-1

8 Oloffson vs. 4 Murray – Murray wins 2-1
7 Souza vs. 6 Tracy – Tracy wins 2-0

4 Murray vs. 6 Tracy – Jason Murray wins 2-1, and is the GP Vegas Old School Champion!

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played, which we have photos of (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded).

First NameLast NameDeckAwarded
RachelAgnesThe Deck
EthanBracknerBlack Red Rack
CarsonBrownRed Green Berserk Aggro
RandyBuehlerTax Edge Combo 5C05 Place After Swiss Rounds
EliotBurkMono Black Aggro
AndreasCermakUWB AC
MichaelChristianTroll Disco URB02 Place After Swiss Rounds
AndrewCotterStory Time (aka Shahrazad UWR)
AndrewCoxWhite Weenie
DominicDotterrer5C Gauntlet
KevinElliottWorkshop Aggro UR
AlisaFarenzenaMono Black Aggro
MichaelGloverMono Black Aggro
StephenHartfordMono Black Aggro
StephenHinesWorkshop Prison Black White
JonathanJarembekBlack Green Nether Void
ChristianJornUWRB AC03 Place After Swiss Rounds
TomKauffmanErhnamGeddon 5C
TomMartellThe Deck
JonMartinezMono Black Aggro
CliffordMathiesonShattered Dreams (BRU Underworld Dreams)
HamptonMaxwellWorkshop Aggro UR
PJMeliesWhite Weenie
JasonMurrayThe Deck04 Place After Swiss Rounds
ErikOlofssonThe Deck08 Place After Swiss Rounds
RolandOrlandoMono Blue Control
AaronRehfieldMono Black Aggro
JonathanSalemUWB Control01 Place After Swiss Rounds
LeandroSaucedoRUG Zoo
LuisScott-VargasThe Deck
KyleSouzaURB AC07 Place After Swiss Rounds
BenSteigerMono Red Burn
AndySwaffarUWB Zoo
ErikSwansonMillstone Dreams Control
ShaneSwiatlowskiMono Black Dreams
EdwinTracyRUG Zoo06 Place After Swiss Rounds
JasonTriceErhnamGeddon UGW
JonasTwitchenGoblins Red White
MikeVanDykeWorkshop Aggro URB
RichardVaughnBRG Land Destruction
RichWatersGuardian Beast Control
ClynnWilkinsonUWB Control
GeoffWillardBlack White Aggro

Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Here are all decklists from the event that we have received, listed alphabetically by last name. If you do not see yours here please email us at and we will gladly add it to this coverage page.

Rachel Agnes – The Deck

Ethan Brackner – Black Red Rack

Carson Brown – Red Green Berserk Aggro

Randy Buehler – Tax Edge Combo 5C

Eliot Burk – Mono Black Aggro

Andreas Cermak – UWB AC

Michael Christian – Troll Disco URB

Andrew Cotter – Story Time (aka Shahrazad UWR)

Andrew Cox – White Weenie

Dominic Dotterrer – 5C Gauntlet

Kevin Elliott – Workshop Aggro UR

Alisa Farenzena – Mono Black Aggro

Michael Glover – Mono Black Aggro

Stephen Hartford – Mono Black Aggro

Stephen Hines – Workshop Prison Black White

Jonathan Jarembek – Black Green Nether Void

Christian Jorn – UWRB AC

Tom Kauffman – ErhnamGeddon 5C

Tom Martell – The Deck

Jon Martinez – Mono Black Aggro

Clifford Mathieson – Shattered Dreams (Underworld Dreams BRU)

Hampton Maxwell – Workshop Aggro UR

PJ Melies – White Weenie

Jason Murray – The Deck

Erik Olofsson – The Deck

Roland Orlando – Mono Blue Control

Aaron Rehfield – Mono Black Aggro

Jonathan Salem – UWB Control

Leandro Saucedo – RUG Zoo

Luis Scott-Vargas – The Deck

Kyle Souza – URB AC

Ben Steiger – Mono Red Burn

Andy Swaffar – UWB Zoo

Erik Swanson – Millstone Dreams Control

Shane Swiatlowski – Mono Black Dreams

Edwin Tracy – RUG Zoo

Jason Trice – ErhnamGeddon UGW

Jonas Twitchen – Goblins Red White

Mike VanDyke – Workshop Aggro URB

Richard Vaughn – BRG Land Destruction

Rich Waters – Guardian Beast Control

Clynn Wilkinson – UWB Control

Geoff Willard – Black White Aggro

Tournament Action and Wrapup

The Finals – Jason Murray vs. Edwin Tracy

Cocoa Puffs are for closers

Thank you to LSV and everyone who shared data and deck photos to make this report a reality. We will be adding more decklist photos or actions shots as more stream in via email. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any additional deck photos and action shots to add to this report, please email Thanks for reading!