Rukh Cup 2019 Old School 93-94 Coverage

This past weekend featured the first public Old School 93-94 event held in St. Louis’ local community, hosted by the Diamond Valley Deals duo of Ben Triola and Andrew Hrdlicka. 26 players from across the country braved the elements to show up in America’s heartland, and were rewarded with an amazing day of gaming. The event was held at a cool venue called Pieces, which featured a great food and drink menu, excellent service, and ample space for gaming.

Every participant was awarded group signed cards, as well as a sweet playmat featuring a recently commissioned reimagining of Diamond Valley by Brian Snoddy, in honor of the hosts of the event. Old School is cooking in Missouri, and the spice levels are high.

There were a number of cool decks in attendance in this event, which players nominated throughout the day for Most Creative Deck. The winner was chosen at random from the nominees, and it ended up being Bryce Wickline’s Jund (BRG) Ponza deck, featuring Ankh of Mishra and efficient creatures, backed up by all of the sweet sweet land destruction sorceries. Not to be outdone, John Knerr also piloted his own version of Jund Ponza, featuring more Ankh of Mishras, Black Vises, and zero creatures! Other notable highlights seen throughout the day were Josh Burgoa’s Rukh Disco, Kevin Patterson’s Reanimator, Alan Finney’s 4C Xira Arien, Chris Wynes’ 4C Fallen Angels, Max Boyd’s Cyclopean Nether Void, Ryan Sala’s 5C Mirror Ball Beast Combo Control, Ben Triola’s Arabian Tribal, and Andrew Hrdlicka’s Restricted Singleton Goodstuff deck.

Amid all of the awesome door prizes and giveaways throughout the day by the community, one of the highlights of the day was a Chaos Orb flipping contest that raised additional funds for charity. Ryan Gresco bested Josh Burgoa in the finals of the flipping contest, at around 30 inches.

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded).

First NameLast NameDecklistAwarded
JeremyAaronsonUW Aggro Control
JamesBishopUR Aggro Control
JeffBlydenWorkshop Aggro UWB01 Place After Swiss Rounds
MaxBoydCyclopean Nether Void
JoshBurgoaRukh Disco02 Place After Swiss Rounds
CurtChristianUG Skies Berserk
JakeDowellMono Black
AlanFinney4C Xira Aggro Control06 Place After Swiss Rounds
RyanGrescoRUG Zoo03 Place After Swiss Rounds
CayceGrissomRUG Zoo
AndrewHrdlickaRestricted Singleton Goodstuff
JasonJacoNaya Bazaar Zoo08 Place After Swiss Rounds
JohnKnerrJund Ankh Ponza
StephenMaldonado5C Fatties
JoeyPanielloGoblins Mono Red
KevinPattersonReanimator 5C05 Place After Swiss Rounds
JeremyPrattTax Edge Combo WRG (Unpowered)
RyanSala5C Mirror Ball Beast Combo Control
AdamShawMono Black
JeramySnyderErhnam Geddon UWG (Unpowered)07 Place After Swiss Rounds
MichaelThoringtonMono Black
BenTriolaArabian Tribal
BryceWicklineJund Ankh PonzaMost Creative 1st Place
ChrisWynes4C Fallen Angel04 Place After Swiss Rounds

All Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Jeremy Aaronson – DECKLIST MISSING

James Bishop – UR Aggro Control

Jeff Blyden – Workshop Aggro UWB (01 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Max Boyd – Cyclopean Nether Void

Josh Burgoa – Rukh Disco (02 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Curt Christian – UG Skies Berserk

Ryan Crouch – BUG

Jake Dowell – Mono Black

Alan Finney – 4C Xira Aggro Control (06 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Ryan Gresco – RUG Zoo (03 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Cayce Grissom – RUG Zoo

Andrew Hrdlicka – Restricted Singleton Goodstuff

Jaco – Naya Bazaar Zoo (08 Place After Swiss Rounds)

John Knerr – Jund Ankh Ponza

Stephen Maldonado – 5C Fatties

Joey Paniello – Goblins Mono Red

Kevin Patterson – Reanimator 5C (05 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Jeremy Pratt – Tax Edge Combo WRG (Unpowered)

Andrew Purciful – DECKLIST MISSING

Ryan Sala – 5C Mirror Ball Beast Combo Control

Adam Shaw – Mono Black

Jeramy Snyder – Erhnam Geddon UWG (Unpowered) (07 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Michael Thorington – Mono Black

Ben Triola – Arabian Tribal

Bryce Wickline – Jund Ankh Ponza (Most Creative 1st Place)

Chris Wynes – 4C Fallen Angel (04 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Tournament Action and Wrapup

Pretournament Action

Card signing, of course

Burgoa (Rukh Disco) vs. Gresco (RUG Zoo)

No draws allowed. Chaos Orb flipoff in overtime FTW!

The newly errata’d Falling Star in action

Wynes (4C Fallen Angel) vs. Grissom (RUG)

Bishop (UR Aggro Control) vs. Hrdlicka (Restricted Singleton Goodstuff)

Finney (4C Xira Aggro Control) vs. Wickline (Jund Ankh Ponza)

Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Burgoa (Rukh Disco)

Chaos Orb Flipping Contest

Chaos Orb Flipping Finalists (Burgoa and Gresco)

The highly coveted 1st Place prize

Your 2019 Rukh Cup Champion Jeff Blyden!

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. It was great seeing so many different communities represented down in St. Louis, and we look forward to more events there in the future. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email