Eternal Insight Podcast Episode 4: Reflections from Eternal Weekend 2018, with Brian Coval

Brian Coval has been a mainstay on the Eternal Magic scene for a few years now, and further showed his prowess in Magic’s oldest formats by becoming the 2018 North American Vintage Champion, adding on to his Top 8 performance in 2017 Legacy Champs, and his previous four SCG Legacy Classic top 8’s (including two wins). Armed with a streamlined Paradoxical Mentor deck, and with the help of Alex Bastecki and Dr. Rich Shay, Brian plowed his way through ten rounds of Swiss to a dominating performance in the Top 8, to keep the original Time Walk painting in Pittsburgh and be crowned the North American Vintage Champion as the hometown hero. Today we will be going over Brian’s introduction to Magic: the Gathering, his tournament history, how he became an Eternal format specialist, and his performance leading up to his Top 8 and eventual win. I am proud to present the 2018 North American Vintage Champion, Brian Coval!

00:00:0: Introduction
00:01:01: Brian’s Biography
00:08:11: Tournament History
00:14:20: Winning the SCG Invitational
00:21:26: Brian’s Eternal Weekend 2018
Total runtime: 01:39:52

Show Notes

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