DegenCast Episode 6: Eternal Weekend 2019 Recap, Part 2

The Hacks (Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe) begin to recap North American Eternal Weekend 2019.

00:00 Intro
02:40 Lords of the Pit Friday Night Contracts
06:35 Everything is bigger in Texas/”Meaty Balls”
08:45 Eternal Central Old School at Eternal Weekend – Recap
13:00 Dega Aggro (recap interrupt)
24:35 Juxtapose/Stasis (recap interrupt)
43:50 The Trophy – Dustin Clark
48:20 Will Magrann wins another tournament
49:40 Homelands Cube!!!
56:35 Wrap-up
Total runtime: 1:02:04

*Note: Not once did we actually mention it in the show, but the reason James played The Deck was because his wife found out 1st place won a trip to the Fishliver Oil Cup and she really wanted to go to Italy*