DegenCast Episode 16: GenCon, Hacksmas, and Legacy Chatter

The Hacks have returned to review GenCon, Hacksmas 21, talk about Legacy, and much more!

0:00 Intro:|m|
0:30 Intro joke
1:55 The misadventures Hackfather and T&B at GenCon 2021
3:40 Jame and T&B acquire new cardboard
4:50 Playing vintage, featuring Shivan Dragon and Exalted Angel
6:56 Hackfather has a “What could be so urgent?” moment
10:00 How Hackfather and T&B messed up GenCon: it’s not a MTG event, check out the board games, TTRPGs, n such
13:25 Hacksmas: Battle of the Mounds 2 review
20:10 Hackfather vs The Godfather of Pimp: First Blood part Two
23:15 Kingslayer plays Hyper to decent success
30:38 We love Conan, but don’t play the 1st ed D&D campaign
32:01 Newsflash: New Hacks inducted, somehow have other friends
32:56 Hackfather learns the pain in fighting games
33:51 Hacks and Tusks make up a new Jyhad format: Vampstended
35:28 King of the weekend: Dr Bill’s Vintage cube
38:54 Hacks and friends experience dinner failure, again. Bonus: Hackfather does hibachi
41:13 Can the Hacks make Hacksmas bigger? Stay tuned, submit applications to Hackfather
44:44 Where are the Legacy Bans? Cuz losing to your own Berserk is dumb
48:54 Kinglsayer’s Legacy analysis: phyrexian crusader = bad, Solidarity=good, hunting pack solidarity=OP
52:50 Kingslayer and The Imp meme in Arena standard
57:25 Dec 25th is the Imp Day, not that other thing
60:10 MH2 in Legacy discussion
68:07 Hackfather forgets Urza’s Saga text
73:45 Legacy ban discussion
74:04 First “ban brainstorm”, the hosts are slipping
79:38 Hackfather will try to redeem himself in Camjam 2
82:09 Outro: |m||m|