DegenCast Episode 15: One Hack Leaves, Another One Enters

The crew is back. Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe talk about a variety of Magic formats, and the show’s contributors change.

00:00 Spooner attempts an announcement
00:32 The hosts get sidetracked by feet in OS deck pics
01:40 Back on topic
05:15 Memory lane: SCG Summer 2019
09:25 The beginning of the end (the dark origin?)
11:45 #notsponsored Buy Baldy’s Blends
12:39 Appearance on LaL and Hackfather learns a new word
16:30 EW 2018
19:10 Spooner fails at #mtgfinance but was a Modern GBT
22:15 The hosts recall dead Tech platforms
22:40 GP Charlotte 2016 and James learns about Pokemon
27:28 GP Hoth (GP Louisville 2017)
30:12 How the Spooner met Hackfather
34:13 Spooner says goodbye
36:08 Interlude (My heart will cry at this crap recorder player)
37:38 Intro to Part 2
38:06 The Kingslayer ascends
39:40 The hosts review Modern Horizons 2 cards
40:28 The damn dirty monkey
47:56 WOTC fixes Tombstalker
49:47 The hosts issue a true Great Designer Search challenge
50:54 Kingslayer gets a boner about Infect
55:17 Hackfather re-enters Legacy, gets metagamed
56:04 Kingslayer strives to make Worldgorger Dragon work
61:43 Modern…why? Modern sucks
66:26 Kingslayer talks about a (proper?) format (Summer Derby)
71:23 Kingslayer proxies…Goblin Balloon Brigade?!
77:34 The spicy “budget” deck from the Derby
79:55 Hackfather debates the definition of spicy decks
80:50 The hosts discuss lizards in Vintage
87:59 Hackfather buys shinies…wait what?
90:11 EDH & Aussie: the acceptable 1 strip mine formats
93:53 The hosts complain about power level evaluation
94:42 Solution: Hack$ EDH
101:00 The hosts discuss…philosophy
108:36 Closing remarks
110:30 Outro

Show Notes

DFB’s website
Summer Derby 2021 Results and Deck Photos
Aussie 7 Point Highlander