• WotC Suspends Guillaume Matignon & Guillaume Wafo-Tapo for New Phyrexia Leak

    WotC Suspends Guillaume Matignon & Guillaume Wafo-Tapo for New Phyrexia Leak

    The investigation was quick, and the response was swift. Wizards of the Coast has already sniffed out the people responsible for the New Phyrexia leaks, and has dropped the banhammer. 2010 Player of the Year runner-up and Level 8 Pro player Guillaume Matignon was given a 3 year ban by the DCI, and Level 8 Pro player Guillaume Wafo-Tapo, Martial Moreau, and David Gauthier were each handed 18 month suspensions. Wizards’ explanation and all the juicy details can be found after the jump! Continue Reading

  • New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    Whenever a new set is released a handful of writers do a set review, and we’re throwing our hat into the ring now too. We’re not going to review every card in the set here, because that would be a waste of everyone’s time. What we will do is touch on the things that we think are remotely playable in the Eternal formats, and try to figure out a home for these cards in either new or existing decks. This will be a new feature here at Eternal Central, so buckle up your seat belts and join us for the ride as we review New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4 (bonus)! Continue Reading

  • A Real Look at Legacy Deck Costs 2011Q2

    A Real Look at Legacy Deck Costs 2011Q2

    Are you looking to get into Legacy, or are you looking to build up your Legacy collection or expand it a bit? If you’re just jumping in or seeking those last few staples for the decks you might want to play, you’ll no doubt find that prices are rapidly rising.

    There has been an influx of new Legacy players across the globe as places like SCG and Wizards of the Coast and other large European tournament organizers have started really supporting Legacy by organizing what have turned into regular or semi-regular huge tournaments with attractive prizes. This has driven up demand, and along with it prices across the board for most things that rotated out of old Standard and Extended formats and have become staples of the surging Legacy landscape. Among the gnashing of teeth and speculation of the future of Legacy, a lot of people have been wondering, debating, and generally astonished at what it costs now to build a Legacy deck. So join Eternal Central as we dive in to analyzing the real costs of building a Legacy deck in 2011Q2. Continue Reading

  • Xtreme Games Vintage 02-20-2011 Results, Lists, and Pics

    Xtreme Games 02-21-2011 Results, Lists, and Pics

    Thanks to Eric and Shannon at Xtreme Games in Lindenhurst (IL, USA) for hosting another sweet monthly Vintage event. Unfortunately the weather in the Midwest was a drag and only 14 players came out to battle for the guaranteed Unlimited Mox Pearl for first place, and it seemed like all 14 had a good time. There were some fresh faces and some of the old guard in attendance. The farthest traveler that I know of (Evan Caufmann) came down from Michigan, so props to him!
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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Indianapolis Legacy Open 2011

    Another frigid weekend in the Midwest, another awesome SCG Open. This time the traveling road show made its way to Indianapolis, Indiana. With Snowpocalypse 2011 only a few days prior, weather conditions were tricky but 266 competitors slogged their way to Indy for some rabblerousing and gamesmanship.
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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Kansas City & San Jose Legacy Opens

    In the wake of the December 20 2010 announcement by the DCI banning Survival of the Fittest, the metagame clock in Legacy was set to be turned back in time about six months before the breakout performance of Caleb Durward’s Vengevine Survival at Grand Prix Columbus in June.
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  • BIG PIMPIN – Jaco, the Mind Sculptor

    Courtesy of the wonderful alteration artist C. Chandler comes this playset of Jace, the Mind Sculptor transformed into something new and awesome…something BIG PIMPIN!

    Jaco the Mind Sculptor

    Jaco, the Mind Sculptor! Here at EC we’re going to start bringing you more entertaining and unique Magic cards and items in a new section called BIG PIMPIN, so stay tuned for more pimp loots soon.

    Enjoy and have a happy holidays!

  • Survival of the Fittest Banned in Legacy, No Changes in Vintage

    It’s that time of year again, and the DCI has announced changes today to the Banned and Restricted Lists:
    Announcement Date: December 20, 2010
    Effective Date: January 1, 2011

    Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed, Standard, Extended, Vintage
    No changes

    Survival of the Fittest is banned.
    Time Spiral is unbanned.
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  • Tomoharu Saito Suspended 18 Months by DCI

    Tomoharu Saito Suspended 18 Months by DCI
    As we brought you the news of Tomoharu Saito’s disqualification for Stalling at Grand Prix Florence 2010 earlier this week, we also bring you the news that Tomoharu Saito has been suspended by the DCI for 18 months. After what appears to be an extremely quick investigation and decision on the DCI’s part the following appeared sometime late Tuesday night on the DCI’s Suspended Memberships page:
    Tomoharu Saito Banned for 18 Months

    Tomoharu Saito has been banned from sanctioned play as of 11-30-2010 through 05-30-2012. Check out our full analysis after the jump!

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  • Saito Busted at GP Florence and What It Means

    Saito Busted at GP Florence at What it Means
    Pro Tour regular and Japanese Magic player extraordinaire Tomoharu Saito has been disqualified without prize from Grand Prix Florence 2010 this weekend for Cheating (Stalling). According to GP Coverage writer David Sutcliffe we have this gem from Saturday November 27:

    We are never pleased to have to pass on bad news, so we are sad that we have to announce that Japan’s Tomoharu Saitou has been disqualified without prize from Grand Prix Florence following his sixth round match.

    Head Judge, Level-4 Nick Sephton, explained why the disqualification occurred:
    “We disqualified this player for Stalling, after it was observed that his play speed seemed to change based on his observation of the clock. It was observed by a high-level judge that twice in the round he appeared to change his play speed based on considerations that were outside the game. Consulting among the senior judges we decided that, on the basis of what we had observed, we had no choice but to disqualify the player.”

    Nick [the Head Judge] continued with advice for players wanting to avoid falling foul of this rule themselves:
    “Players should be able to play at a reasonable pace throughout a round. Judges recognize that a player’s speed of play can change during a game – Magic is a complicated game and produces difficult situations for players – but it’s important that players are still able to play at a speed that allows games to be completed. It’s a valid play skill to be able to make difficult decisions quickly.”

    So what does this all mean? Well for one it means that the legendary Saito may be looking at a suspension and may see his pending Magic Hall of Fame induction take a hit. We break it all down after the jump!

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  • In the Lab – Brainstorming Legacy Affinity

    In the Lab - Brainstorming Legacy Affinity

    Since the printing of Mirrodin and Darksteel enterprising mages have been brainstorming the best ways to break the Affinity mechanic. Effects that multiply anything (see: Berserk, Fork, the Storm mechanic) have traditionally been very powerful, and the DCI has treaded very carefully with those effects. The Affinity strategy proved sound enough to thoroughly dominate Standard and get all of the good cards banned in Extended, but hasn’t had the kind of strength or staying power in Legacy to keep it in Tier 1 or Tier 2 status.
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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Charlotte $5K Legacy

    Instant Analysis Charlotte

    As the leaves turn warm shades of yellow, orange, and red, and the temperature cools this early fall, the Legacy scene continues to burn brightly. The StarCityGames Charlotte Legacy $5K tournament was held this weekend, and 147 competitors with decks in hands traveled to Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) to compete for $5,000 in prizes and to earn more SCG Open Series points towards the huge tournament later this year.
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  • StarCityGames Charlotte Legacy $5K – Top 16 Decklists

    StarCityGames Charlotte Legacy $5K Top 8

    The StarCityGames Charlotte Legacy $5K event has come and gone this weekend, and Nicholas Spagnolo is your SCG Charlotte champion! 147 players came out to compete in the Legacy portion, and in a field packed with Survival of the Fittest another 5 players made Top 8 with the enchantment, and 7 out of the Top 16 were Survival-based decks. These included UG Survival, WG Survival, and Necrotic Ooze Survival. Check out the entire Top 16 decklists after the jump!

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  • Focus on Legacy – Combating Survival

    Combating Survival of the Fittest

    During the recent coverage of StarCityGames Nashville Legacy $5K event SCG writer called for the banning of Survival of the Fittest. OOOOOOH GOD, a deck has taken the SCG circuit by storm! We had better take immediate corrective action and ban something! Now I think we can all recognize that Survival is a fantastic card, but is it really ban-worthy? Let’s take a look at this, and various ways to combat Survival after the jump.

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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Denver & Minneapolis $5K Legacy

    The past two weekends have brought some of the biggest crowds for Legacy in the USA this summer, with 170 players in the SCG Minneapolis $5K Legacy this past weekend, and 125 players in the SCG Denver $5K Legacy tournament the weekend prior. As the post-Mystical Tutor world of Legacy develops we have seen Reanimator and Ad Nauseam combo neutered, but not completely dead, and plenty of other decks have sprung up to take their places in recent tournaments.

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  • Second Place With Belcher at GenCon Indy 2010 Legacy Champs

    Matt Hazard of Team Serious recently finished second at the Legacy Champs event at GenCon. In the final game of the tournament he activated Goblin Charbelcher targeting his opponent to win the 2010 Legacy Championship, only to have his [CENSORED] Taiga revealed 5 cards down! Check out his decklist(s), thoughts, and full tournament report of how he got there after the jump!

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  • [Video] Xtreme Games 08-15-2010 Finals Game 1 – Jerome Yanchick vs Jimmy McCarthy

    Xtreme Games held a Vintage tournament for a Time Walk and other nice prizes on 08-15-2010. After the 5 rounds of Swiss, then Quarterfinals, and then Semifinals, Jerome Yanchick (Team Empire) was left to battle Jimmy McCarthy (Team Serious, Team Meandeck) for a Time Walk. Jerome is pictured on the left piloting 5C ‘Empire’ Stax, and Jimmy is on the right piloting ‘Serious’ Bomberman. Check out the video of Game 1 after the jump!

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  • Focus on Legacy – Playing and Sideboarding UBG Landstill

    In our last Focus on Legacy article we broke down individual card choices for Constructing UBG Landstill. In today’s article we’ll look more closely at constructing a sideboard from available options, sideboarding against common match ups, and some lines of play with the deck.

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  • Winning with UW Serious Bomberman at Xtreme Games Vintage 08/15/10

    Jimmy McCarthy of Team Serious and Team Meandeck fame recently won the Xtreme Games Vintage tournament this past weekend with UW Serious Bomberman. He went an awesome 7-0-1 in the event, including 14-0 in games played! Read his report and decklist after the jump!

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  • Xtreme Games 08-15-2010 Top 8 Decklists & Coverage

    Xtreme Games of Lindenhurst, IL (USA) hosted their monthly Vintage tournament this weekend (unsanctioned, like most in the USA). 20 people showed up to battle it out for the following prizes:
    1st Place – Time Walk (Unlimited)
    2nd Place – Mana Drain
    3rd Place – $25
    4th Place – $25

    Jimmy McCarthy of Team Serious and Team MeanDeck went undefeated with Blue-White Bomberman to win the tournament, and to claim the Time Walk.
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  • GenCon Indy 2010 Vintage Champs Top 8 Decklists

    The GenCon Indy 2010 Vintage Champs was last weekend, and we now have the decklists, shown below. There is plenty of interesting technology, so check it out after the jump and enjoy!

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  • GenCon Indy 2010 Legacy Champs Top 8 Decklists

    The GenCon Indy 2010 Legacy Champs was last weekend, and we now have the decklists, shown below. There are some interesting choices, so check out the complete lists after the jump, and speculate!

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  • Focus on Legacy – Constructing UBG Landstill

    Are you one of the types of people who likes to see your opponent squirm in their chair as you destroy everything they play, or counter anything else? Are you one of the types of people that seeks to demoralize an opponent and chuckle inside as you stare at their board state, barren of all relevant non-land permanents? If so, you may just be the type of person who likes playing a deck like Landstill.

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  • Instant Analysis – SCG St. Louis Legacy $5K

    With temperatures in the 90’s and brutal humidity down near St. Louis this weekend, the weather was scorching but interest in Legacy was cool and somewhat reserved. While 192 people attended the StarCityGames Legacy $5K this Sunday, interest appeared slightly down, as this was essentially a lame-duck tournament, with the recent changes to the Banned-Restricted List that take effect next week. This weekend was the last chance for players to pilot Mystical Tutor-themed decks, so a lot more interest and buzz seemed to be in testing the format that the upcoming Grand Prix Columbus will be (no Mystical, but with Grim Monolith), as the rewards are much greater at a Grand Prix in terms of cash and Pro points.

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