New Writers, Archived Articles Converted to Free, and more news!

Here at Eternal Central we’ve been busy adding more new writers and content, converting some of the old Downloadable Products to free articles, doing some performance tuning, and other things you may not have seen.

New Writers at Eternal Central

Please join us in welcoming a handful of new writers here at Eternal Central, contributing from around the globe.

Rasmus Vium Fristed – Rasmus hails from Denmark, and recently Top 8’d the huge Vintage tournament at Bazaar of Moxen 8, in Paris last month. In his latest article he gives us a detailed an enjoyable report from his Top 8 performance with Kuldotha Workshops.

Michael Shimoji – Michael currently resides in Japan, and most often enjoys playing non-blue decks in Legacy. Anyone can play the latest net-deck from the StarCity Legacy circuit, but others seek to combat the top dogs in the metagame by brewing creative solutions, and Michael is no exception to this. In his latest article in his ongoing series Fighting the Blues, Michael discusses things ranging from Purphoros technology in Goblins decks to tuning his ‘Dark Maverick’ deck to combat the rise of True-Name Nemesis.

Bob Huang – Bob is an avid Legacy player, hailing from the East Coast in the USA. He recently Top 16’ed both Grand Prix: Washington DC and the StarCityGames Providence Legacy Open. In his latest article Bob has broken down the format with a statistical Legacy Metagame Analysis, offering commentary on themes and trends.

Juan Vilar – Juan is an old school player from Spain, who enjoys all Eternal formats and just loves Magic in general. In his most recent work, Juan delves into the cost of Magic, and look at a potentially alarming trend of the drop in youth in Magic, coupled with high prices.

Converting Older Downloadable Products to Free

Over the past month we have also been silently converting some our older Downloadable Products to fully free HTML versions. We have also worked with Quiet Speculation to transfer some of their older Vintage content here, as they no longer offer those products, and we wanted to create a more full and complete archive of Stephen Menendian’s post-SCG writings here. Many of the older set reviews and metagame articles have been converted, including these:
So Many Insane Plays – The Mirrodin Besieged Vintage Set Review (formerly on Quiet Speculation)
So Many Insane Plays – New Phyrexia Vintage Review (formerly on Quiet Speculation)
So Many Insane Plays – Trends & Predictions for 2012 & A Vintage Tournament Report
So Many Insane Plays – Innistrad: A Comprehensive Vintage Set Review
So Many Insane Plays – The Dark Ascension Vintage Set Review
So Many Insane Plays – Avacyn Restored Eternal Set Review
So Many Insane Plays – Return to Ravnica Eternal Set Review

If you never purchased these in the past and are curious as to what Stephen had to say about the cards and sets, and direction of the metagame would shift, please feel free to check them out now! They are a great historical reference.

Site Tuning and Pending Redesign

We have been doing some things behind the scenes to increase the speed and response of Eternal Central in general, so you should notice faster load times and better response on mobile devices. We are also in the middle of an entire site redesign, for both an updated and refreshed look, as well as more efficient browsing of articles, a better shopping experience, and more. We hope to roll this out in early 2014. New year, new times, new look!

Thank you for your continued support of Eternal Central and the best formats that Magic has to offer.