[Videos]: 7 GP Columbus Deck Techs

This past weekend we’ve seen many games by many different players. GP Columbus has been a great scenario for great Legacy matches. We’ve seen some great innovations, such as the UG Survival from Caleb Durward or the Show and Tell/Sneak Attack deck from Korey Age.

Thanks to the guys at Wizards of the coast, we’ve got to know some of the Deck techs explained by their pilots. After the break you’ll find the 7 Deck Techs they’ve published, including the amazingly cool UG Madness by Caleb Durward!.

Deck Tech Lands with Eli Kassis

Deck Tech Aluren with Gerry Thompson and Cedric Phillips

Deck Tech – Doomsday with Chris Gosselin

Deck Tech – Survival with Patrick Chapin

Deck Tech – UG Madness with Caleb Durward

Deck Tech – Hypergenesis with Chris McDaniel

Deck Tech – Goblins with Steve Sadin