Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 22: Vintage Champs and Mishra’s Last Stand

Part one of a double feature on Eternal Weekend. Hot Carl / Ponder? (Greg Mitchell), Nedleeds (Sean), and Vintage Champs Top 8 competitor Greedy Mike (Mike Kiesel) talk Vintage and food in Pittsburgh.

Timestamped table of contents:
00:00 – Intro
02:30 – Vintage Champs Top 20’ish overview and thoughts
06:00 – Hot Carl’s failure
10:00 – Nedleeds’ failure
18:00 – Greedy Mikes Run to Glory
50:00 – The Top 8 and being killed by Montolio
62:00 – Is Andrew Markiton an avatar of Mishra?
66:00 – How good is this Workshops deck, really?
72:00 – The tears of the Internet, or restricting Mishra’s Workshop
80:00 – Why can’t ‘blue’ decks compete anymore?
90:00 – The Misstep Two Step
100:00 – If not Workshop, then what?
110:00 – Wrap-up and Pittsburgh

Show Notes

North America Vintage Champs 2017 – ALL Decklists and Metagame Breakdown
The Curious Case of Mishra’s Workshop, by Sean
Vintage Champs 2017 and the State of Vintage, by Jaco

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