Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 15: GP Louisville Wrap Up

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Sean O’Brien (Nedleeds), Evan Nyquist (HymnYou), and Josh Hand (Megadeus). We cover the recent Legacy GP in Louisville, the Banned and Restricted List announcement from January, and farm fresh food concepts.

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – The Forgotten GP, and lack of coverage
15:00 – What did you play, and why?
21:00 – The actual event, and beats and beatings
38:00 – What would you change?
48:00 – The Brainstormtastic Top 32
55:00 – The future of Legacy Grand Prixs
60:00 – The new Banned and Restricted cadence
Total runtime: 1:16:12

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