Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 14: The Tales of Adventure Legacy Circuit

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou), who speaks with Michael Caffrey of Tales of Adventure. We focus on the newly released TOA Legacy Circuit, talk some Legacy, and look towards the future of Eternal formats. Michael shares some of his thoughts on the format, their new platform for Legacy standings (eemagic.com), and hit some questions that most players have about the new Legacy circuit. Michael Caffrey has also generously provided our listeners with a promo code for 10% at toamagic.com till the end of this year.

Total runtime: 39:06

Show Notes

Tusk Talk #14 Tales of Adventure promo code:

Listeners who use this code to get 10% off at toamagic.com

All of the Legacy circuit stats can be found on eemagic.com. This new Legacy circuit is huge news for us in the southeast USA, and are looking forward to linking with other regions!

This video helps explain the circuit as well, please share!


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