Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 13: The Miracle of Failure

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Greg Mitchell (phazonmutant, hotcarl, ponder?). We review Eternal Weekend results and bad beats. We cover our drinking choices and our deck choices. Then we look forward to Chiba and Greg regales us with tales of the Miracle of Science. What will Sean 0-2 drop with in Chiba?

00:00 Intro
04:00 Old School Beats Stories from EW 2016
08:00 Vintage Champs Deck Choices and Failure
21:00 Legacy Champs and Vomiting in a Trashcan Between Rounds
40:00 Reviewing the Top 8 of Legacy Champs NA
48:00 Depths of Darkness
60:00 The Miracle of Science
70:00 Reviewing the Top 8 of Vintage Champs NA
78:00 More Crying about Thorn of Amethyst
80:00 Storming Chiba
Total runtime: 1:30:22

Show Notes

Vintage and Legacy Champs NA 2016 Top 8 Decklists
Greg’s Legacy Champs T64 Tournament Report
Grand Prix Chiba

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