TheMisprintGuy Magic Oddica – Chapter XVII: Double Printed Fallen Empires Run

Editor’s Introduction: In this week’s Magic Oddica TheMisprintGuy looks at a special type of misprint where one side has two printings on it. While this wasn’t only limited to Fallen Empires, that set was the first and most common example where this type of error can be found. Check out Chapter XVII of Keith Adams‘ Magic Oddica to learn all about these unique collectibles!

Those of us who have been playing for years remember just how wonderfully forgettable the Fallen Empires expansion was. Outside of a few cards, this set is better served as kindle for your upcoming summer barbecue. However, to those of us who collect misprints, Fallen Empires is the first set in which nearly every imaginable mistake that could happen, did. So, yet again, I have another fantastic error from this expansion to share with you.

A sheet or two of commons ware run through one extra time, thus resulting in an additional front of a card being printed om the reverse of them. This resulted in a front on one side, then a back along with another front upside down on the same side, with the effect being a “double print.” Due to the fact that the entire sheet was run again upside down, neither of the two “front” images are the same. In the example I have shown here, the “clean” side is a Farrel’s Zealot, and the “dirty” side is an Order of the Ebon Hand.

These cards are quite valuable, as only one or two full sheets were printed this way, leaving them quite hard to find. They are not tournament legal, however the more desirable ones are still the popular cards like Goblin Grenade and Hymn to Tourach. Rarely, one of these cards will appear on popular sites like eBay, fetching at least $150 for cards that feature two undesirable cards on them.

This mistake only features commons from this set, there have been no instances of uncommons from this set with this mistake. And since Fallen Empires product is worth far more unopened, it is unlikely that any new discoveries of misprints in Magic’s infancy will happen. But, I am pleased to say that I can utter the phrase “this Fallen Empires card is worth hundreds of dollars!” And I somehow am speaking the truth.

We’re nowhere near being done covering this sets mistakes, so stay tuned.