The Great Designer Search 2 – Do you wanna work for WotC?

Have you ever wanted to work for Wizards of the Coast? Do you have great designing skills? If so, it is now your time you prove you are worth it because The Great Designer Search 2 (#gds2) is about to start. In the latest article from Mark Rosewater, he explains what’s this contest all about. If you are interested on taking part of the tests, read carefully the instructions Mr. Rosewater is bringing to you. Follow the next link for more detailed information.

The Great Designer Search 2: “This time is personal”

Let me just finish with a quote from the article that explains perfectly the purpose of this challenge:

“We aren’t just looking for great designers, we’re also looking for great designs. Even if you can’t come work in Renton doesn’t mean that your idea can’t end up printed on a Magic card.”

Good luck everyone!