GenCon Indy 2010 Live Coverage!

As promised last weekend, we are running live coverage of the GenCon Indy 2010. We’ll try to gather as much information as possible about the Legacy and Vintage events as updates flow in, and of course, we’ll be featuring the live streaming from

The Legacy LIVE coverage should start around 17:00 CET

More information will be published after the break:

2010 Vintage Championsip

  • They’ve played 2 preliminary tournaments for 3 round byes (70 players in first event, 32 players in second event). First preliminary tournament was won by Ben Carp (aka Guslinga). Second one was split between Rich Shay and TMD user named jbrauer99. Info on these smaller tournaments is always sketchy, but we’ll see if we can find any of the winning decklists for you.
  • According to Ben Carp the metagame looked: 1/3 Oath, 1/3 Dredge, 1/3 other decks. That tells a lot about the current state of Vintage. Autopilot mode ON.
  • 117 players is the final tally for the ‘Vintage Championship’ event.
  • AJ Sacher lost with Bargain and Mind’s Desire for 6 xD in his Quarterfinals match against Jesse Martin.
  • The Top 16 after the Swiss rounds looks like this:
    1 Owen Turtenwald
    2 Bob Maher!
    3 Ryan Glackin
    4 Jesse Martin
    5 AJ Sacher
    6 Michael Gouthro
    7 Vincent Forino
    8 Jerome Yanichick
    9 Robert Vroman
    10 Daniel Friedman
    11 Mark Trogdon
    12 Nick Coss
    13 Mike Solymossy
    14 Rich Shay
    15 Raf Forino
    16 Justin Meyer
  • Semifinals are MUD vs MUD and COMBO vs CONTROL
  • Owen Turtenwald of Team ICBM is the new GenCon 2010 Vintage Champion, after defeating Bob Maher in a 75 card mirror match! Congratulations to Owen for this win and for his Top 8 in the Block Championship event the day before!

2010 Legacy Championship

  • 196 players registered in the ‘Legacy Championship’ event.
  • Stephen Menendian is playing a deck with Tarmogoyf, Jace the Mindsculptor, Burning Wish, Force of Will, Counterbalance + Sensei’s Divining Top, Show and Tell, Emrakul, Brainstorm, Ponder, etc.!!?! Sounds interesting.
  • 2010 Legacy Championship Top 8 players after Swiss rounds:
    John Knapp (Landstill ScepterChant)
    Adam Yurchick (CounterTop UWGR)
    Stephen Schoppe (Aeon Bridge)
    Tim Hunt
    Tyler Edwards
    Peter Franke
    Matt Hazard (1-Land R/G Charbelcher)
    Ryan Messic (Goblins R/B)
  • Quarterfinals:
    Matt Hazard (1-Land R/G Charbelcher) defeated Adam Yurchick (CounterTop UWGR)
    Stephen Schoppe (Aeon Bridge) defeated Peter Franke
    Ryan Messic (Goblins R/B) defeated John Knapp (Landstill ScepterChant)
    Tim Hunt vs. Tyler Edwards??
  • Semifinals
    Matt Hazard (1-Land R/G Charbelcher) defeated Stephen Schoppe (Aeon Bridge) 2-0
    Ryan Messic (Goblins R/B) vs. ??
  • Finals
    Ryan Messic (Goblins R/B) defeated Matt Hazard (1-Land R/G Charbelcher) 2-1

Congratulations to Ryan Messic of Kansas City, your GenCon 2010 Legacy Champion! Special props also to Jaco’s teammate and runner-up Matt Hazard of Team Serious!