Eternal Central Updates & Improvements – We Need Your Feedback

As you might have noticed the past few days the website has been going through some changes. We are constantly working to tweak the site for faster performance and a better user experience, where we hope you’ll enjoy Eternal Central a little bit more each time.

Wanna know what’s new? Check out the news after the break!

Our new header features 3 of the best blue "draw 3" spells of Eternal.

Besides the new header design and its renewed menus with sub-menus, we’ve cleaned the minus and sidebars to only leave the things we find strictly necessary. We’ve deleted all eBay banners from the main page despite the income that those generate. The page was having some loading issues and that might be caused by those banners. No banners = Faster loading. Faster loading = Happier readers. Therefor, No banners = Happier readers.

With the removal of those bannes does not mean we have no partners or sponsors. 🙂 We have something up our sleeve and are in talks with a top store that will sponsor our site. We are working on publicity systems that aren’t as intrusive as the old school banners, and working on a system that will actually help improve card lookups.

It's time to go shopping!

We will still maintain a strong adherence to the support of The Art of Pimp. Instead of the old fashioned eBay listings, we’ve implemented a new plugin that generates eBay (pimp) pages based on categories, searches, etc. We’ve added a sidebar menu to the main page with the links to those categories pages. Once there, you can navigate through predefined categories by using the top and bottom category buttons. This plugin presents the cards very nicely and makes it really easy to check for all of your favorite pimp loots on eBay. So far, we’ve implemented the foil japanese, foil chinese, signed, alterations, non-foil japanese, PSA graded and korean categories. Are we missing something pimp? Let us know in the comments section below!

We are still very proud to partner with artists like Terese Nielsen and Ken Meyer Jr., and you will notice their ads on the sidebars from time to time. Please check out those links, as they provide significant savings over normal commission work when contacting the artist(s). We hope you guys are enjoying of some of their promotions!

Register, log in and enjoy!

One other aspect we’ve seriously improved is the integration of the logins between forums and comments. Now we’ve placed a sidebar box at the very top of the page where you can register and log in, and this is totally integrated between the site’s comments, forums, and personal messaging features. Once logged in you are free to post comments at our news or forums, PM other users, etc. Are you registered yet?

We would like to encourage you guys to share more stuff on our forum boards, post your reports, share your decks, discuss our articles, primers, post requests, and whatever else you feel like. The community is still very young and now is the time to start forging a good relationship.

One of the most visited pages is the EC TV / Video Gallery. We’ve put a lot of effort to bring you new Legacy and Vintage videos, and will continue to do so as able. Our TV Channel will be going through changes as we find the best solutions for posting and archiving videos, as we believe there are better tools to organize the information than what the VodPod plugin (which we are really satisfied with, as it does what it has to do) offers.

Last, but not least, we’d like you guys to suggest improvements to our site. We aren’t professionals but we know for sure that there are plenty of them out there reading us! So how would you improve Eternal Central? Don’t be shy, and let us know.

We are always open to new contributors who’d like to write about the Eternal formats, and have a platform to share their thoughts. If you are interested please email to us at and we’ll talk about it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing!

The EC staff.

PS: Tomorrow we’ll publish the 3rd game of the quarterfinals between Àlex Delgado and Àlex Giménez during the LCL – August!