The Alyssa Bereznak VS Jon Finkel Romance

Jon Finkel, the man, the legend, who’s recently top16’ed at PT Philadelphia, has become the hero and idol of thousands of magic and not mtg-related nerds around the world. But, why?

Alyssa Bereznak, former writter for Gizmodo (one of the most popular blogs about technology and other nerd stuff), published an article on August 29th 2011 about her date with our World Champion: “My OkCupid Affair With A World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player”.

The article is wrong and controversial in many aspects and that’s why it has awaken the fury and anger of many nerds around the world and become a top class meme on the net.

This is a short passage of the article:

[…] At dinner I got straight down to it. Did he still play? “Yes.” Strike one. How often? “I’m preparing for a tournament this weekend.” Strike two. Who did he hang out with? “I’ve met all my best friends through Magic.” Strike three. […]

Few days after the article was published Jon opened a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything): IAMA Jon Finkel to answer anything related to the matter and about his life and mtg in general. He was also featured in the TV channel CBSNEWS with an interview.

At Eternal Central we support Jon Finkel and that’s why we’ve created some of our own Alyssa memes!

(You can create your own Alyssa Bereznak memes here.)