So Many Insane Plays Podcast Presents the Centennial Celebration

The So Many Insane Plays Podcast is celebrating their 100th episode with a massive Centennial Celebration, which actually splits the 100th episode into 10 shorter episodes, taking a retroactive look at and review of Limited Edition Alpha.

In Episode 100 they review Air Elemental through Black Lotus.

In Episode 101 they review Black Vise through Consecrate Land.

In Episode 102 they review Conservator through Drudge Skeletons.

In Episode 103 they review Dwarven Demolition Team through Gloom.

In Episode 104 they review Goblin Balloon Brigade through Illusionary Mask.

In Episode 105 they review Instill Energy through Mana Vault.

Stay tuned for more many more insane plays!