So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 9: The Post-Innistrad Vintage Metagame

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss Innistrad’s impact on Vintage as demonstrated by its first major event: The Mana Drain Open 15.

0:01:15: Announcements: Meandeck Open on 10/23 in Columbus, TMD Open Report, and Doomsday Primer
0:03:30: TMD Open results 1st: Dredge
0:06:12: 2nd: Moon Man MUD
0:07:40: 3rd – 8th: Blue Decks
0:13:45: Anti-Dredge Sideboarding
0:18:00: Countermagic in the T8 and the Environment, Going Forward: Mental Misstep, Flusterstorm, REB, et al.
0:40:40: Fact or Fiction
0:43:30: Snapcaster Mage (and Riptide Laboratory)
0:48:15: Doomsday
1:08:40: Witchbane Orb
1:11:00: The Post-Innistrad metagame
1:13:02: Question of the Week: Last Episode – What is the Most Unrestrictable card in Vintage?
1:14:00: Question of the Week: ???
Total Runtime: 1:15:13

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