So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 65: Banned & Restricted List Updates, TMD Open Results, Amonkhet Review

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the restriction of Gush and Gitaxian Probe, The Mana Drain Open results, and their review of Amonkhet for Vintage.

0:01:00: Announcements: Eternal Weekend North America 2017
0:06:21: Banned & Restricted List Updates
1:02:00: The Mana Drain Open #18 Results
1:11:30: Aether Revolt Report Card
1:16:15: Amonkhet Mechanics
1:18:45: Shadow of the Grave
1:20:15: Gideon of the Trials
1:25:20: As Foretold
1:31:40: By Force
1:37:45: Glorious End
1:43:00: Harsh Mentor
1:50:30: Soul-Scar Mage
1:55:00: Manglehorn
1:58:30: Failure // Comply
Total Runtime: 2:11:37

Show Notes

Amonkhet Visual Spoiler
Eternal Weekend North America 2017
April 24 2017 Banned & Restricted List Update

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