So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 39: Khans of Tarkir

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Khans of Tarkir for Vintage. Plus, their Journey into Nyx report card, and the latest Vintage Super League results.

0:06:20: Vintage Super League Update
0:15:14: Journey into Nyx report card
0:23:45: Mechanics
0:30:30: Dig Through Time/Treasure Cruise
1:17:30: Jeskai Elder/Monastery Swiftspear
1:30:30: Stubborn Denial
1:33:30: Jeskai Ascendancy
1:39:40: Ugin’s Nexus
Total runtime: 1:56:50

Other Show Notes

Khans of Tarkir Visual Spoiler
Eternal Weekend 2014
Vintage Super League
Steve’s VSL Round 6 Match vs. Luis Scott-Vargas

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