So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 24: Dragon’s Maze

In episode 24, Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Dragon’s Maze for Vintage. We also discuss the unrestriction of Regrowth, listener feedback regarding our restriction discussion from episode 23, as well as our Gatecrash predictions report card.

Timestamped Table of Contents:
0:01:30: Regrowth Unrestriction
0:09:15: Listener Feedback – Restricted List
0:37:57: Gatecrash Report Card
0:55:17: Dragon’s Maze Mechanics and Themes
1:01:39: Beck//Call
1:08:22: Blood Scrivener
1:19:46: Possibility Storm
1:28:33: Catch//Release
1:36:21: Far//Away
1:44:36: Notion Thief
1:52:04: Ral Zarek
1:59:30: Wear//Tear
2:02:26: Sin Collector
2:10:06: Voice of Resurgence
2:16:36: Skylasher
2:21:35: Uncovered Clues
2:26:10: Dragon’s Maze and its place among recent sets, for Vintage
Total runtime: 2:36:18

Show Notes and Appendix

Dragon’s Maze Visual Spoiler results:
Balustrade Spy/Undercity Informer appearances
Blind Obedience appearances
Dimir Charm appearances
Nightveil Specter appearances
Shattering Blow appearances

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