Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – The First Ten Years

The first ten chapters in Vintage expert Stephen Menendian’s acclaimed series, Schools of Magic: History of Vintage, are compiled for the first time, weighing in at over 225 pages of unforgettable history. As Magic crosses its 20th anniversary, players are more curious and nostalgic than ever about the game’s colorful history and remarkable growth. As the game’s oldest sanctioned constructed format, the History of Vintage traces back to the origins of the game and reflects the trends and strategic innovations of the game itself. The format that came into existence with the with the first Banned and Restricted List announcement in January, 1994 continues unabated today known as “Vintage.”

Deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of the game and the Vintage format by learning about the creation of the game and steady evolution of the format known primarily as “Type I.” See how each new set affected the format, and how those developments prompted changes to the Banned and Restricted list. Learn the decks of the era, and recount the tournament victories that shaped the metagame in their original historical context. Using the lens of Robert Hahn’s famous “Schools of Magic,” Stephen identifies six strategic philosophies that continue to inspire players in Vintage today. Stephen has uncovered a hidden and forgotten history with a compelling narrative and interviews. Read about the debates over the format that changed the format, and better appreciate how many of those debates continue today.

The perfect jumping on point, The First Ten Years is now available for a limited time at a small discount.