Old School at SCGCON 2019 Coverage and Results

Eternal Central is proud to present coverage of Old School at SCGCON 2019, a charity event held in Roanoke (Virginia, USA). The charity for this year’s event is the Angels of Assisi Community Pet Clinic and Adoption Center.

46 Magicians traveled from as far away as Australia, Canada, and all across the United States to do battle at the 202 Social House in downtown Roanoke.

Pairings and Standings

Round 1 Pairings
Round 2 Pairings
Round 3 Pairings
Round 4 Pairings
Round 5 Pairings
Round 6 Pairings
Round 7 Pairings

Final Standings

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded).

First NameLast NameDecklist PhotoAwarded
JeffBaischGoblin Berserker RG
NicholasBatistaUW Bazaar GeddonMost Creative 07 Place
GeorgeBooneLords of the Pit Singleton BRG ZooMost Creative 02 Place
DavidBorutaBlue Weenie
ScottBradleyThe Deck
JoeBrennanThe DeckSwiss Standings 01 Place
TeddyCarfoliteMono Black
ErnestChongURB Aggro Control
AxelCobbUBR Aggro Control
JasonCollinsTax Aggro WGU
RichardCombsPink Weenie
DaveCrowleyAtog 4C
EricDebroskyRed Green Land Destruction
MatthewDeering4C Gwendolyn Troll Rack AggroMost Creative 06 Place
JonDittertGoblins Mono Red
JosephDyerTitania's Prison WGU
JamesEasteppeTurboLands 4C ControlMost Creative 03 Place
MatthewFinkNether Void Black Blue
DaveFirth BardWorkshop Aggro UBR
JustinFranksThe Deck
ShawnFrenchNaya Bazaar Zoo
SamuelGriffithGreen Red BerserkSwiss Standings 06 Place
RyanHobbsStasis Control
WayneJohnstonPink Weenie
PatrickKlineGoblin Zoo RG
DavidLanceAtog URB
GusLandtMono BlackSwiss Standings 03 Place
WillMagrannWorkshop Aggro UBRSwiss Standings 04 Place
EricMarichUWR ZooSwiss Standings 07 Place
RyanMcKinneyURB Troll Disco
DanMillerDreams Combo 4C
AndrewNewbieMerfolk UR (Haters of the Pearl Trident)Most Creative 08 Place
ChristopherPierceManabarbsFlarePowerSurgeMost Creative 05 Place
StephenPrestonWinds of Chains Black Red PrisonMost Creative 04 Place
MatthewRhettMono Black
ChrisRossTaxEdge Combo WRG
MichaelScheffenackerWorkshop Aggro UBR
MikeShankRubinia Thieves (Siren's Call)Most Creative 01 Place
RichardSponholzDreams Burn BRU
RobertStewartGreen Red Berserk
MikeTompkinsErhnam and Burn 'Em RG
LukeTooker4C Aggro ControlSwiss Standings 02 Place
RichardTownleyUBR Aggro Control
NamTranBlack Blue AggroSwiss Standings 08 Place
JerryYangNaya Bazaar Zoo
ChristopherZachBlack White AggroSwiss Standings 05 Place

ALL Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Jeff Baisch – Goblin Berserker RG

Nicholas Batista – UW Bazaar Geddon Most Creative 07 Place

George Boone – Lords of the Pit Singleton BRG Zoo Most Creative 02 Place

David Boruta – Blue Weenie

Scott Bradley – The Deck

Joe Brennan – The Deck Swiss Standings 01 Place

Teddy Carfolite – Mono Black

Ernest Chong – URB Aggro Control

Axel Cobb – UBR Aggro Control

Jason Collins – Tax Aggro WGU

Richard Combs – Pink Weenie

Dave Crowley – Atog 4C

Eric Debrosky – Red Green Land Destruction

Matthew Deering – 4C Gwendolyn Troll Rack Aggro Most Creative 06 Place

Jon Dittert – Goblins Mono Red

Joseph Dyer – Titania’s Prison WGU

James Easteppe – TurboLands 4C Control Most Creative 03 Place

Matthew Fink – Nether Void Black Blue

Dave Firth Bard – Workshop Aggro UBR

Justin Franks – The Deck

Shawn French – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Samuel Griffith – Green Red Berserk Swiss Standings 06 Place

Ryan Hobbs – Stasis Control

Wayne Johnston – Pink Weenie

Patrick Kline – Goblin Zoo RG

David Lance – Atog URB

Gus Landt – Mono Black Swiss Standings 03 Place

Will Magrann – Workshop Aggro UBR Swiss Standings 04 Place

Eric Marich – UWR Zoo Swiss Standings 07 Place

Ryan McKinney – URB Troll Disco

Dan Miller – Dreams Combo 4C

Andrew Newbie – Merfolk UR (Haters of the Pearl Trident) Most Creative 08 Place

Christopher Pierce – ManabarbsFlarePowerSurge Most Creative 05 Place

Stephen Preston – Winds of Chains Black Red Prison Most Creative 04 Place

Matthew Rhett – Mono Black

Chris Ross – TaxEdge Combo WRG

Michael Scheffenacker – Workshop Aggro UBR

Mike Shank – Rubinia Thieves (Siren’s Call) Most Creative 01 Place

Richard Sponholz – Dreams Burn BRU

Robert Stewart – Green Red Berserk

Mike Tompkins – Erhnam and Burn ‘Em RG

Luke Tooker – 4C Aggro Control Swiss Standings 02 Place

Richard Townley – UBR Aggro Control

Nam Tran – Black Blue Aggro Swiss Standings 08 Place

Jerry Yang – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Christopher Zach – Black White Aggro Swiss Standings 05 Place

Tournament Action and Wrapup

Just a slice of the action

Debrosky (Red Green Land Destruction) vs. Miller (Dreams Combo 4C)

Rhett (Mono Black) vs. McKinney (URB Troll Disco)

Easteppe (TurboLands 4C Control) vs. Chong (URB Aggro Control)

Tooker (4C Aggro Control) vs. Griffith (Green Red Berserk)

Sponholz (Dreams Burn BRU) vs. Boruta (Blue Weenie)

Newbie (Merfolk UR) vs. Crowley (Atog 4C)

Yang (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Ross (TaxEdge Combo)

Fink (Nether Void Black Blue) vs. Debrosky (Red Green Land Destruction)

Dyer (Titania’s Prison WGU) vs. Townley (UBR Aggro Control)

Ross vs. Stewart, Chaos Orb flipping to determine the winner in overtime

Magrann (Workshop Aggro UBR) vs. Franks (The Deck)

Tooker (4C Aggro Control) vs. Bradley (The Deck)

French (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Kline (Goblin Zoo RG)

Batista (UW Bazaar Geddon) vs. Firth Bard (Workshop Aggro UBR)

McKinney (URB Troll Disco) vs. Newbie (Merfolk UR)

Collins (Tax Aggro WGU) vs. Deering (4C Gwendolyn Troll Rack Aggro)

Boone (Lords of the Pit Singleton BRG Zoo) vs. Crowley (Atog 4C)

Combs (Pink Weenie) vs. Tran (Black Blue Aggro)

Yang (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Shank (Rubinia Thieves)

Easteppe (TurboLands 4C Control) vs. Sponholz (Dreams Burn BRU)

Magrann (Workshop Aggro UBR) vs. Landt (Mono Black)

Ross (TaxEdge Combo) vs. Pierce (ManabarbsFlarePowerSurge)

Some prizes!

New England Old School Representing in the Star City

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email eternalcentral@gmail.com.