Relic War III Old School 93-94 Coverage and Results

The Lords of the Pit recently hosted the third annual Relic War, which is a private tournament for charity held in Chicago that utilizes the Swedish Old School Banned and Restricted List. This year’s event was capped at 24 people, and held at DMen Tap on March 16.

This year’s Relic War raised over $350 for Arts of Life, a non-profit organization that works to assist artists with physical and intellectual disabilities. The scene was lively, and 6 rounds of Swiss+1 that the day’s event would call for would test the mettle of the rough and tumble Lords.

Pairings and Standings

Final Standings

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded).

First NameLast NameDecklistAwarded
JustinSchrankGauntlet Red
BobAgraUWB Zoo
ChrisBergesonErhnamGeddon UWG
IanBlankTurbo Arboria Fog
MikeButzenEureka Lich Combo03 Place After Swiss Rounds
GrantCasteltonRWG Zoo
DannyDunawayArtifact Aggro RW
LorienEllemanPink Weenie01 Place After Swiss Rounds
TylerEtters5C Midrange Control
DannyFriedmanThe Deck04 Place After Swiss Rounds
JasonJacoTitania's Prison 4C06 Place After Swiss Rounds
GregKotscharjanUWR Diamond Valley Control
AndyMacDougallRUG Zoo08 Place After Swiss Rounds
StephenMaldonado5C Fatties05 Place After Swiss Rounds
RayMattsonPsychic Manipulator
MattMossAtog URB
JasonPaulMachine Gun URB02 Place After Swiss Rounds
CarterPetrayStasis07 Place After Swiss Rounds
DanPiquardRukh Disco
ShaneSemmens4C Artifact Aggro
NickRohrRWB Preacher
RobertVincentKobolds RB
CamWallMachine Gun URB

ALL Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Bob Agra UWB Zoo

Chris Bergeson – ErhnamGeddon UWG

Ian Blank – Turbo Arboria Fog

Mike Butzen – Eureka Lich Combo (03 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Grant Castelton – RWG Zoo

Danny Dunaway – Artifact Aggro RW

Lorien Elleman – Pink Weenie (01 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Tyler Etters – 5C Midrange Control

Danny Friedman – The Deck (04 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Jason Jaco – Titania’s Prison 4C (06 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Greg Kotscharjan – UWR Diamond Valley Control

Andy MacDougall – RUG Zoo (08 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Stephen Maldonado – 5C Fatties (05 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Ray Mattson – Psychic Manipulator

Matt Moss – Atog URB

Jason Paul – Machine Gun URB (02 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Carter Petray – Stasis (07 Place After Swiss Rounds)

Dan Piquard – Rukh Disco

Nick Rohr – RWB Preacher

Justin Schrank – Gauntlet Red

Shane Semmens – 4C Artifact Aggro

Robert Vincent – Kobolds RB

Cam Wall – Machine Gun URB

Tournament Action and Wrapup

Relic War III Action

Bergeson (UWG) vs. Butzen (Eureka Lich Combo)

Blank (Turbo Arboria Fog) vs. Schrank (Gauntlet Red)

Castleton (Naya Zoo) vs. MacDougall (RUG Zoo)

Jaco (Titania’s Prison 4C) vs. Agra (UWB Aggro Control)

Castleton (Naya Zoo) vs. Mattson (Psychic Manipulator)

Vincent (Kobolds RB) vs. Blank (Turbo Arboria Fog)

Butzen (Eureka Lich Combo) vs. Mattson (Psychic Venom Control)

Jaco (Titania’s Prison 4C) vs. Wall (URB Atog)

Butzen (Eureka Lich Combo) vs. Vincent (Kobolds RB)

Signed Prizes

More Prizes

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email