Pimp my Drains!

When it comes to pimp, it turns out we are constantly evolving and creating new trends. Few days back, I believed my playset of Mana Drains were the most Pimp playset one could actually have (well, I was just missing Richard Garfield‘s signatures but that was just a matter of time). Being that playset Signed and Altered by Mark Tedin seemed the tops for me until I found these babies:

Arnau Rovira, aka Albareda, is a friend of mine who’s recently got involved in this pimp movement and already has a huge amount of awesome stuff. I’m lucky to know him, because he loves to travel a lot to meet artists and get his cards signed. Past weekend, he went to Lyon and in there he met Mark Tedin (and Anthony S. Waters). Inspired by my Ancestral Recall + Library of Alexandria alterations, he asked Mr. Tedin if he could alter his drains in a similar way. He actually asked him if he could take them to his hotel and elaborate a little more on the alterations. The result is the amazing playset I posted above. Arnau, who’s not a big fan of heavy altered cards (expect from Ron Spencer/Terese Nielsen commissioned works) got a bit shocked with the result thought those Mana Drains were too much for him. They obviously didn’t match his deck’s style. But he knew that the Mana Drains would find a home in my collection, and then we started the negotiations. I think today’s deal is the most impressive trade I’ve ever been involved in. Over the table we had up to 3 Beta Volcanic Islands, the Mana Drains, Foil Japanese Signed stuff, very hard to find signed stuff, etc… No money involved actually.

I believe the trade was good for both of us. It’s always a pleasure to deal with Arnau, so if you ever get to meet him, don’t be shy and ask for trade!

To finish this post, let me show you some other recent stuff I got my hands on:

I’ll be posting my latest Vintage deck soon!

Keep it real pimp, boys!