Old School at Eternal Weekend 2018 Coverage and Results

The fifth annual Eternal Central Old School at Eternal Weekend tournament is in the books, and was one for the ages. After subtracting drops and no shows, and then piecing in late additions, a record setting 181 Magicians played Old School in the great state of Pennsylvania, making this the largest gathering of its kind yet held anywhere in the world.

The Elks Lodge venue was a step back in time, with wood paneling on the walls, a small event stage, and an awesome bar featuring drinks from $2.50 to a maximum of $5 (top shelf!). Awesome food deals were also to be found, with food ranging from $3-5 for appetizers and sandwiches made on demand. The Elks Lodge ended up going through every single bit of food (and all accompanying condiments) they had in the building, as well as 4-5 kegs of draft beer, and nearly every bottled beer in stock. They were quite thankful for the business!

The tournament was able to raise a substantial amount for charity, which will be split between After School Matters (in Chicago), and the Tree of Life Synagogue (in Pittsburgh, where there was a very recent senseless act of violence – funds will be distributed to the families via the synagogue). In addition, community stalwart and international globetrotter Jason Schwartz donated a CE Chaos Orb, which was raffled off, and 100% of the proceeds donated to the Innocence Project. Thank you all to everyone who donated and attended!

Special thanks must also go Lord Mullen, for running various tasks and taking photos throughout the event, Gene Brumby for helping with judge calls throughout the day, the invaluable Lord Agra, who always helps ensure tournament operations run smoothly on the back end, as well as everyone who donated something for this special day.

The tournament was run as SWISS+1, with nine 50 minute Swiss rounds, using Eternal Central’s recommended Old School 93-94 rules, with no draws allowed (and Sudden Death Chaos Orb flipping if any matches went to time). As we continue to emphasize, the point of Old School is to play Old School, meet new friends, and catch up with old ones.

This year’s event featured old standbys like The Deck, RUG Zoo, Goblins, Troll Disco, Pink Weenie, and many others you’ve probably come to expect in 93-94 events. But it also featured dozens of sweet brews, which made for very difficult decisions when picking the Most Creative decks at the end of the day. The Metagame Breakdown section below has a sortable table and search function that you can use, and every player’s deck is shown in the decklist section below.

Pairings, and Final Standings After Swiss

Round 1 Pairings
Round 2 Pairings
Round 3 Pairings
Round 4 Pairings
Round 5 Pairings
Round 6 Pairings
Round 7 Pairings
Round 8 Pairings
Round 9 Pairings

Final Standings After Swiss

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded)

First NameLast NameDecklist PhotoAwarded
BobAgraUnderworld Burnout
LukeAilanjianUR Gauntlet Burn
LucasAllisonTax Edge 5C
NicholasAntuzziBlue Green Voyages of Sindbad
AndyBaqueroIllusionary MaskMost Creative 06 Place
TrevorBartlettPink Weenie
NicholasBatistaUW Equilibrium Aggro Control
JasonBeaupreMono Blue Mana Vortex
ChrisBergesonGoblins RUG
ChristopherBerkleyBG Grow (Fungusaur Pestilence)Most Creative 09 Place
JeffreyBlydenWorkshop Aggro URB
BrianBogdonBlack White
JosephBonuraUWB Control
GeorgeBooneUWR Aggro
ScottBradleyBlack Red Control
JonathanBrnePink Weenie
MarkBrothersErhnamGeddon UWG
GeneBrumbyGuardian Beast
JonathanBrummerCandleFlare Combo
DamyanBrunsonUW Control
PhillipBrunswickWhite Weenie
DustinBuckinghamTroll Disco URB
JustinBurdettUR Control
EliotBurkTroll Disco URB
BlakeBurkholder4C Aggro ControlSwiss Standings 03 Place
MichaelButzenEureka of the Clockwork AgesMost Creative 07 Place
AndrewCallaghanDreams Combo BUR
PaulCallisTroll Disco URB
AnthonyCarosoneWorkshop Aggro Mono Green
NicholasChenUWR Aggro Control
JeremyChernickStasis Control
BlaineChristiansenWorkshop Aggro UB
SimonChristieURB Aggro Control
DustinClarkTroll Disco URBSwiss Standings 04 Place
RobertConnollyMono Black
JamesCooneyElvish Farmer Control
AndrewCotterStory Time (Shahrazad UWR)
RyanCrouchBlack Green
BryanDanielsMono Black
EliotDavidoffTroll Disco URBSwiss Standings 07 Place
EricDebroskyRed Green Land Destruction
RyanDeMarcoBlack Red
PeterDentithPower Monolith 5C
AlexDeVriesTax Edge WR
PhilipDituriDreams Combo 4C
EricDo CoutoBlack White
DominicDotterrerJuxtapose ControlMost Creative 05 Place
JaredDoucetteAtog Berserk
JamesEasteppeMana Vortex Control
KevinElliottNether Void Artifact Aggro
DrewEpstein5C ManabarbsMost Creative 01 Place
TylerEttersErhnamGeddon WGR
BenjaminFarkas4C Aggro Control
MarcFloreRG Berserk Aggro
RobertFoflygenAlpha Mono Green
FrancisFordSleight of Mind Combo ControlMost Creative 10 Place
AndrewFrankMono Blue Tempo
MichaelFrantzAtog-Chi of the Ages-Ball
EugeneFreemanMono Black
ArturoGarciaBlack Blue AggroSwiss Standings 05 Place
SeanGauntRG Aggro
JohnGehlingWhite Weenie
ChristopherGeorgeAtog URBSwiss Standings 09 Place
WilliamGrantGod Demands Peace (Divine Intervention Tron)Most Creative 03 Place
JeffGreenGoblins Mono Red
JohnGrudzinaThe Deck
MattGuidoErhnamGeddon GWB
CharlesHahnUWR Aggro
RyanHobbsGoblins Mono Red
EvanHusneyAtog 5C
JustinIskra4C Aggro Control
RajahJamesMephistopheles' Sanctuary
JaredJansenWhite Weenie
MarkJonovitchBlack White
ChristianJorn4C Aggro Control
LinseyJornWhite Weenie
AdamJourdanBlack Blue Aggro
BenKatzBlack White Demon Reanimator
RyanKeachSage of Lat-Nam Artifact Aggro
JodyKeithUR Aggro Control
BenjaminKennedyMono Black
ThomasKieneUR Aggro Control
JohnKnerrTax Edge Aggro WRU
MichaelKochisGoblins RUW
KyleKoeppeGoblins RUW
JaredKohlerUWG Zoo
JasonKoreskoUWR HydraGeddon
GregKotscharjanUWR Control
GregKraigherGoblins Mono Red
RyanLamannaSurge FlareMost Creative 04 Place
AdamLemkeTroll Disco URB
MarkLePineTroll Disco URBSwiss Standings 08 Place
DanLuchesaAlpha Naya Pile
WillMagrannAtog 5C
DaneMaloneEnchantress SpiceMost Creative 11 Place
BryanManolakosOrgg.decSwiss Standings 10 Place
EricMarichUWR Aggro
MatthewMarmoratoWhite Weenie
DanielMayoUWR Aggro
JoshuaMcBridePower Monolith 5C
JimmyMcCarthyDreams Combo 5C
JustinMcGinleyDreams Combo 5C
StevenMcGrewPower Monolith 5C
TimMcMathAtog URSwiss Standings 11 Place
StephenMenendianUR ControlSwiss Standings 06 Place
PaulMessplayThe Deck
MichaelMetelskyRG Berserk Aggro
RaymondMitchellTax Edge WRG
JohnMondelRG Berserk
KyleMontgomeryPower Artifact Combo
SamuelMoodyAtog 4C
MattMossURB Aggro
BenjaminMurfinMono Green
JimNoonan5C Gasoline
JamieParkeAtog 5CSwiss Standings 02 Place
JasonPaulAtog 4C
ChrisPepinStasis Twiddle Vault
DonPerrienUR Control
MichaelPerrienPink Weenie
BenjerminPerryRag Man's Bag SingletonMost Creative 08 Place
NathanPhillipsMono Black
KevinPoenischSunglasses at Night
IanPoperBlack White
StephenPrestonThrull Away
SebastianRauskolbMono BlackSwiss Standings 01 Place
JoeReuschelSword of Darkness
SethRoncoroni4C Zoo
JackRyanBlack Red Sacrifice
MichaelScheffenackerGoblins 5C
JasonSchiffmanThe Deck
JasonSchwartzAtog UR
DanielSecoTroll Disco URB
ShaneSemmensThulsa Doom (Serpent Generator.dec)Most Creative 12 Place
BenoitSevenoTurbo Pumpkin (Reanimator)
DerekShankStorytime (Shahrazad UWR)
RichShaySpice Rack
RyanSmithBlack White
MattSperlingPink Weenie
DennisSpiegelFallen Preacher
RichardSponholzBlack Red Rack
JosephStackoDreams Combo 5C
AaronSteeleMetamorphosis.decMost Creative Honorable Mention
DemianSteltzBlack Blue Aggro
AndySwaffarNether Void UWB Aggro
ThomasSwindellGoblins 5CSwiss Standings 12 Place
John MarkTadenaMono Black
ChadTeuscherRUG Tempo
MichaelThoringtonMono Black
NeilThorlaksonTroll Disco URB
LukeTookerThe Deck
DaltonTranMono Green
TravisTurnerPink Weenie
BrianTweedySage of Lat-Nam URB
PezUnholyThe Deck
BrianUrbanoAtog URB
DanielVan NostrandMono Black
MichaelVanDykeWorkshop Aggro UWB
BrianVegsoBlack White
NaveenVemuriRUG Zoo
JustinWallerMephistopheles' Sanctuary
KyleWells4C Aggro Control
JeffWestThe Deck
RobertWestergaardWhite Weenie
JeffreyWhiteCandleFlare Combo
MarkWhiteheadRG Berserk Aggro
RandallWilliamsUR Burn
BrianWilsonRUG Tempo
TimWinterJunk Shop Reanimator
CraigWinzerRG Berserk Aggro
RandalWitherellGR Thallids
StuartZiarnikGoblins Mono Red
MerleZimmermannThe Fall of Kher Keep (Spellbook Kobolds)Most Creative 02 Place
MichaelZunigaURB Aggro Control

ALL Decks, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Bob Agra – Underworld Burnout

Luke Ailanjian – UR Gauntlet Burn

Lucas Allison – Tax Edge 5C

Nicholas Antuzzi – Blue Green Voyages of Sindbad

Andy Baquero – Illusionary Mask – Most Creative 06 Place

Trevor Bartlett – Pink Weenie

Nicholas Batista – UW Equilibrium Aggro Control

Jason Beaupre – Mono Blue Mana Vortex

Chris Bergeson – Goblins RUG

Christopher Berkley – BG Grow (Fungusaur Pestilence) – Most Creative 09 Place

Jeffrey Blyden – Workshop Aggro URB

Brian Bogdon – Black White

Joseph Bonura – UWB Control

George Boone – UWR Aggro

Scott Bradley – Black Red Control

Jonathan Brne – Pink Weenie

Mark Brothers – ErhnamGeddon UWG

Gene Brumby – Guardian Beast Control

Jonathan Brummer – CandleFlare Combo

Damyan Brunson – UW Control

Phillip Brunswick – White Weenie

Dustin Buckingham – Troll Disco URB

Justin Burdett – UR Control

Eliot Burk – Troll Disco URB

Blake Burkholder – 4C Aggro Control

Patrick Burt – Reanimator

Michael Butzen – Eureka of the Clockwork Ages – Most Creative 07 Place

Andrew Callaghan – Dreams Combo BUR

Paul Callis – Troll Disco URB

Anthony Carosone – Workshop Aggro Mono Green

Nicholas Chen – UWR Aggro Control

Jeremy Chernick – Stasis Control

Jeremy Chien – Eureka

Blaine Christiansen – Workshop Aggro UB

Simon Christie – URB Aggro Control

Dustin Clark – Troll Disco URB

Robert Connolly – Mono Black

James Cooney – Elvish Farmer Control

Andrew Cotter – Story Time (Shahrazad UWR)

Ryan Crouch – Black Green

Bryan Daniels – Mono Black

Eliot Davidoff – Troll Disco URB

Eric Debrosky – Red Green Land Destruction

Ryan DeMarco – Black Red

Peter Dentith – Power Monolith 5C

Alex DeVries – Tax Edge WR

Nicholas Dickerson – Kobolds!

Philip Dituri – Dreams Combo 4C

Eric Do Couto – Black White

Dominic Dotterrer – Juxtapose Control – Most Creative 05 Place

Jared Doucette – Atog Berserk

James Easteppe – Mana Vortex Control

Kevin Elliott – Nether Void Artifact Aggro

Drew Epstein – 5C Manabarbs – Most Creative 01 Place

Tyler Etters – ErhnamGeddon WGR

Benjamin Farkas – 4C Aggro Control

Marc Flore – RG Berserk Aggro

Robert Foflygen – Alpha Mono Green

Francis Ford – Sleight of Mind Combo Control – Most Creative 10 Place

Andrew Frank – Mono Blue Tempo

Michael Frantz – Atog-Chi of the Ages-Ball

Eugene Freeman – Mono Black

Arturo Garcia – Black Blue Aggro

Sean Gaunt – RG Aggro

John Gehling – White Weenie

Christopher George – Atog URB

William Grant – God Demands Peace (Divine Intervention Tron) – Most Creative 03 Place

Jeff Green – Goblins Mono Red

John Grudzina – The Deck

Matt Guido – ErhnamGeddon GWB

Charles Hahn – UWR Aggro

Ryan Hobbs – Goblins Mono Red

Evan Husney – Atog 5C

Justin Iskra – 4C Aggro Control

Rajah James – Mephistopheles’ Sanctuary

Jared Jansen – White Weenie

Mark Jonovitch – Black White

Christian Jorn – 4C Aggro Control

Linsey Jorn – White Weenie

Adam Jourdan – Black Blue Aggro

Ben Katz – Black White Demon Reanimator

Ryan Keach – Sage of Lat-Nam Artifact Aggro

Jody Keith – UR Aggro Control

Benjamin Kennedy – Mono Black

Thomas Kiene – UR Aggro Control

John Knerr – Tax Edge Aggro WRU

Michael Kochis – Goblins RUW

Kyle Koeppe – Goblins RUW

Jared Kohler – UWG Zoo

Jason Koresko – UWR HydraGeddon

Greg Kotscharjan UWR Control

Greg Kraigher – Goblins Mono Red

Ryan Lamanna – Surge Flare Most Creative 04 Place

Adam Lemke – Troll Disco URB

Mark LePine – Troll Disco URB

Dan Luchesa – Alpha Naya Pile

Will Magrann – Atog 5C

Dane Malone – Enchantress Spice – Most Creative 11 Place

Bryan Manolakos – Orgg.dec

Eric Marich – UWR Aggro

Matthew Marmorato – White Weenie

Daniel Mayo – UWR Aggro

Joshua McBride – Power Monolith 5C

Jimmy McCarthy – Dreams Combo 5C

Justin McGinley – Dreams Combo 5C

Steven McGrew – Power Monolith 5C


Tim McMath – Atog UR

Stephen Menendian – UR Control

Paul Messplay – The Deck

Michael Metelsky – RG Berserk Aggro

Raymond Mitchell – Tax Edge WRG

John Mondel – RG Berserk

Kyle Montgomery – Power Artifact Combo

Samuel Moody – Atog 4C

Matt Moss – URB Aggro

Benjamin Murfin – Mono Green

Jim Noonan – 5C Gasoline

Jamie Parke – Atog 5C

Jason Paul – Atog 4C

Chris Pepin – Stasis Twiddle Vault

Don Perrien – UR Control

Michael Perrien – Pink Weenie

Benjermin Perry – Rag Man’s Bag Singleton Most Creative 08 Place

Nathan Phillips – Mono Black

Kevin Poenisch – Sunglasses at Night


Ian Poper – Black White

Stephen Preston – Thrull Away

Sebastian Rauskolb – Mono Black

Joe Reuschel – Sword of Darkness

Seth Roncoroni – 4C Zoo

Jack Ryan – Black Red Sacrifice

Michael Scheffenacker – Goblins 5C

Jason Schiffman – The Deck

Jason Schwartz – Atog UR

Daniel Seco – Troll Disco URB

Shane Semmens – Thulsa Doom (Serpent Generator.dec) Most Creative 12 Place

Benoit Seveno – Turbo Pumpkin (Reanimator)

Derek Shank – Story Time (Shahrazad UWR)

Rich Shay – Spice Rack

Ryan Smith – Black White

Matt Sperling – Pink Weenie

Dennis Spiegel – Fallen Preacher

Richard Sponholz – Black Red Rack

Joseph Stacko – Dreams Combo 5C

Aaron Steele – Metamorphosis.dec – Most Creative Honorable Mention

Demian Steltz – Black Blue Aggro

Andy Swaffar – Nether Void UWB Aggro

Thomas Swindell – Goblins 5C

John Mark Tadena – Mono Black


Chad Teuscher – RUG Tempo

Michael Thorington – Mono Black

Neil Thorlakson – Troll Disco URB

Luke Tooker – The Deck

Dalton Tran – Mono Green

Travis Turner – Pink Weenie

Brian Tweedy – Sage of Lat-Nam URB

Pez Unholy – The Deck

Brian Urbano – Atog URB

Daniel Van Nostrand – Mono Black

Michael VanDyke – Workshop Aggro UWB

Brian Vegso – Black White

Naveen Vemuri RUG Zoo

Justin Waller – Mephistopheles’ Sanctuary


Kyle Wells – 4C Aggro Control

Jeff West – The Deck

Robert Westergaard – White Weenie

Jeffrey White – CandleFlare Combo

Mark Whitehead – RG Berserk Aggro

Randall Williams – UR Burn

Brian Wilson – RUG Tempo

Tim Winter – Junk Shop Reanimator

Craig Winzer – RG Berserk Aggro

Randal Witherell – GR Thallids

Stuart Ziarnik – Goblins Mono Red

Merle Zimmermann – The Fall of Kher Keep (Spellbook Kobolds) – Most Creative 02 Place

Michael Zuniga – URB Aggro Control

Tournament Action and Wrapup

The hashtag for social media for the event was #ECOldSchool2018, which you can use to find more on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, or follow up, please email eternalcentral@gmail.com. Below are just some of the sweet action and community pics from the day.

Pregame Announcements

Panorama Shot

Table Locations

When Juxtapose Hits the Stack

Ydwen Efreet vs. Trolls

Serpent Generator vs. Deep Spawn

When Eureka Resolves, But Your Opponent Puts Shivan Dragon and 3 Mana Flares into Play

The Brothers’ War, Dotterer vs. Semmens

Berserking an Opponent’s Triskelion, as Removal

Unsleeved Alpha Mono Green

One Good Chaos Orb Deserves Another

Tetravus vs. Orgg

Dice City Winz

Top 12 After Swiss (thank you to Jimmy Cooney for the photos)

Part of the prize for Most Creative, graciously donated by Matt Dennis and the Underworld Dreamers

Most Creative Winner Drew Epstein, alongside DCG’s Jimmy Cooney

If you did not receive a Deep Spawn from the event, or lost yours at the event, please contact us, and we will mail you out a replacement. Also, if you left a small blue notebook at the event, we have it and can mail it out to you. Please email eternalcentral@gmail.com ASAP. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the next one!