Middle School Marauders 09-2022 Coverage and Results

This past week the Lords of the Pit hosted another Middle School event in Chicago, in a recurring series of events called Middle School Marauders (#MiddleSchoolMarauders on social media). Future events in this series will usually be open to the public every couple of months, and found on our Events page here.

Tournament Structure and Prizing

As usual, with most local events we try to keep things moving quickly so people can have fun and get in and out, and then go hang out with friends at night afterwards. We often do Swiss+1 with no draws allowed, to encourage people to actually play Magic rather than draw matches. In the pandemic era of regular last minute cancellations we were left with 13 ballers, and this event ended up being 5 total rounds. This month featured a taco bar and other refreshments.

There was a large stack of Middle School staples that people could choose from before the tournament, or people can bring their own card, and each card was stamped and group signed as the prize pool.

Final Standings After Swiss+1


Brandon Adams – Survival Elves RG

Ian Blank – Mono Black Pox

Matt Braun – Tax Rack Aggro WR

Lorien Elleman – Necro Rock BG

Graham – Burn

Jaco – Goblins RGB

Ben Jones – Mono Black Pox

Andy MacDougall – Goblins R

Jimmy McCarthy – Survival Elves RG

Matt Moss – Tinker Devourer

Shane Semmens – Enchantress SquirrelCraft

David Velasco – Wizards UWB

Zach Zurawski – Slide Rift RW

Tournament Action

McCarthy (Survival Elves RG) vs. MacDougall (Goblins R)

Braun (Tax Rack Aggro RW) vs. Graham (Burn)

Elleman (Necro Rock BG) vs. Zurawski (Slide Rift RW)

Jones (Mono Black Pox) vs. Graham (Burn)

Moss (Tinker Devourer) vs. Jaco (Goblins RGB)

Zurawski (Slide Rift RW) vs. Elleman (Necro Rock BG)

Braun (Tax Rack Aggro RW) vs. Semmens (Enchantress SquirrelCraft)

Blank (Mono Black Pox) vs. Adams (Survival Elves RG)

Velasco (Wizards UWB) vs. Elleman (Necro Rock BG)

Jones (Mono Black Pox) vs. Braun (Tax Rack Aggro WR)

Zurawski (Slide Rift RW) vs. Blank (Mono Black Pox)

Jaco (Goblins RGB) vs. Braun (Tack Rack Aggro WR), a topdecked Firestorm for 7 (exactly lethal) in Game 3

McCarthy (Survival Elves RG) vs. Adams (Survival Elves RG)

Jones (Mono Black Pox) vs. Velasco (Wizards UWB)

Semmens (Enchantress SquirrelCraft) vs. Zurawski (Slide Rift RW)

Velasco (Wizards UWB) vs. McCarthy (Survival Elves RG)

MacDougall (Goblins R) vs. Braun (Tax Rack Aggro WR)

Blank (Mono Black Pox) vs. Graham (Burn)

McCarthy (Survival Elves RG) vs. MacDougall (Goblins R)

Afternoon Carnitas Taco Bar, by Jaco

Shortbread Cookies with Campari Frosting, by Jimmy McCarthy

Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you next time.