Magical Hacks SCGCON 2019 Old School Coverage and Results

As they sometimes do, the South Carolina-based Magical Hacks crew recently organized an off-site charity event running parallel alongside a larger event. This time it was Old School Magic 93-94, running alongside the weekend of SCGCON 2019 in Roanoke (Virginia, USA), and the charity was St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The Hacks raised over $500 for St. Judes, and 20 players went to battle at Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers, which generously donated some of their brewery space as the venue, while serving up tasty microbrews. The event was capped due to space, but you can find the Magical Hacks on FB here, and Twitter here, so keep your eyes peeled for future events, usually announced in those locations.

Tournament Structure and Prizing

The event was run as Swiss+2 effectively, at 6 rounds with no playoff, and no draws allowed, observing the suggested Eternal Central 93-94 Old School rules. We came to game!

The most important prizes were awarded first, for Most Creative Decks. The winners were:
1. Ethan Kissam – Mono Green Nature Control
2. Matt Thomas – Jund Candelabra Burn
3. Matt Webster – Black Green Workshops
4. George Murphy Jr. – Mono Red Kobolds

Artist Richard Kane Ferguson generously donated an altering to the prize pool, which went to most creative.

Everyone received a Magical Hack signature card and an Old School creature as a participation prize. Rather than reverse-drafting, we determined participation prizes through Falling Star flips. Several great creatures, from a Beta Prodigal Sorcerer to a Gaea’s Avenger to an autographed Erhnam, were placed on the battlefield. Players, in registration order, flipped a Falling Star to kill a creature and claim their participation prize. Flips proceeded until the chosen creature died from Falling Star damage or the player missed. Those missing received fun weenie creatures, like a Legends Zephyr Falcon or an Unlimited Mesa Pegasus.

Swiss Pairings, Results, and Standings can be found here in full.

ALL Decks, Alphabetically, by Last Name

George Boone – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Scott Bradley – Workshop Aggro UBR

Ernest Chong – URB Aggro Control

Matthew Deering – BUW Aggro (Swiss 3rd Place)

James Easteppe – TurboLands 4C

Ryan Hobbes – Goblins Mono Red

Ethan Kissam – Mono Green Nature Control (Most Creative 1st Place)

Jason Jaco – Naya Bazaar Zoo (Swiss 1st Place)

Erik Johnson – Mono Black

Will Magrann – Workshop Aggro UBR (Swiss 2nd Place)

Ryan McKinney – RUG Burn (Swiss 8th Place)

George Murphy – Mono Red Kobolds (Most Creative 4th Place)

Andrew Newbie – Gaunlet Red (Swiss 7th Place)

Chris Ross – TaxEdge Combo WRG

Austin Sheppard – BRW Land Destruction

Richard Sponholz – Dreams Burn (Swiss 5th Place)

Matt Thomas – Jund Candelabra Burn (Most Creative 2nd Place)

Matt Webster – Black Green Workshops (Most Creative 3rd Place, Swiss 4th Place)

Zach Wilson – Workshop Aggro Mono Blue (Swiss 6th Place)

Jerry Yang – RUG Tempo

Tournament Action

Tournament Action at Soaring Ridge Brewery

More Tournament Action

Wilson (Workshop Aggro Mono Blue) vs. Chong (URB Aggro Control)

Ross (TaxEdge Combo WRG) vs. McKinney (RUG Burn)

Murphy (Mono Red Kobolds) vs. Easteppe (TurboLands 4C)

Yang (RUG Tempo) vs. Deering (BUW Aggro)

Easteppe (TurboLands 4C) vs. Yang (RUG Tempo)

Murphy (Mono Red Kobolds) vs. Kissam (Mono Green Nature Control)

Deering (BUW Aggro) vs. Ross (TaxEdge Combo WRG)

Johnson (Mono Black) vs. Newbie (Gauntlet Red)

Ross (TaxEdge Combo WRG) vs. Bradley (Workshop Aggro UBR)

Kissam (Mono Green Nature Control) vs. Thomas (Jund Candelabra Burn)

Tusks vs. Hacks

Many thanks to the Hacks, and especially George Boone and James Easteppe, for organizing and running such a fun event. Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you next time.