Lords of the Pit Team Tactical Tournament 03-2018 Results

Instead of our second annual StripCon originally planned for around the end of March, we changed to a privately held (and non-advertised) “Team Tactical” event, with eight 3-person teams, for the Chicago and Wisconsin posse. Each 3-person team consisted of Old School, Vintage, and Legacy decks, and while players could not change cards in any deck during the tournament, any player on the team could play any of the decks/seats in any round (to allow switching between decks if one player was discouraged or bored with format, for example).

Held on March 24th, the Team Tactical event featured 5 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to the top 2 teams for the finals.

The Teams (and Decks)

The Misers:
Grant Castleton (Old School – Naya Bazaar Zoo)
(no deck picture, but something along these lines)

Stephen Maldonado (Vintage – Oath)

Tyler Etters (Legacy – Death and Taxes)

Mishra’s Local 2/2:
Matt Moss (Old School – GW Workshop Aggro)

Shane Semmens (Vintage – Depths Salvagers Oath)

Anthony Zinni (Legacy – Esper Mentor)

The Good Stuff:
Danny Friedman (Old School – The Deck variant)

Matt S (Vintage – URW Mentor)

Carter Petray (Legacy – Sneak and Show)

Tactical Elbow Drop From the Top Turnbuckle:
Jaco (Old School – Naya Bazaar Zoo)

Nathan Mullen (Vintage – Bargain Storm)

Bob Agra (Legacy – Sneak and Show)

The Kird Herders:
Jason Paul (Old School – 4C Zoo)

Joe Stacko (Vintage – Outcome Storm)

Chris Bergeson (Legacy – BG TurboDepths)

The People’s Libation Army:
Mike Butzen (Old School – UR Aggro Control)

Sam Krohlow (Vintage – Doomsday)

Greg Kotscharjan (Legacy – UR Delver)

The Fighting Mongooses:
Nick Rohr (Old School – Big Disk Naya)

Joshua Begian (Vintage – Enchantress)

Kyle Fouchey (Legacy – 4C Delver)

The Misfits:
Lorien Elleman (Old School – Pink Weenie)

Andrew Bowman (Vintage – Workshop Ravager Aggro)

Kyle Houtman (Legacy – Sneak and Show)


After 5 rounds of Swiss, there was a cut to Top 2. The teams with the best (team) records at that point were The People’s Libation Army and Team Tactical Elbow Drop From the Top Turnbuckle, who were both 4-1. In an epic 2-1 victory in the finals, TEAM TACTICAL ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE took it all down.

Tactical Elbow Drop From the Top Turnbuckle:

The People’s Libation Army:

The Misers:

The Good Stuff:

The Kird Herders

The Fighting Mongooses

The Misfits

Mishra’s Local 2/2:

Thanks to everybody who came out, and for those who couldn’t make it, hopefully this gives you some ideas about fun events to run in the future. We’ll continue to mix it up and experiment here, as always.