EUROVINO 5 Coverage (Milan – 10/11/12 September)

The Eurovino5, one of the biggest Eternal Parties of the year, is starting today in Milan. Here at Eternal Central we hope they have a huge success and get many players to their tournaments. EC has a couple of staff members on the field and we’ll try to make the best coverage we can.

The schedule is:

  • Friday – Tournament Trios + Vintage & Legacy Trials
  • Saturday – Tournament Legacy + Pimp Invitational (Vintage)
  • Sunday – Tournament Vintage

As soon as we start gathering information about the tournaments we’ll update this post right after the break.

*Update* – We’ve got the report + list of the Legacy winner, aka “Reto” playing Burn featuring Steppe Lynx. More news, right after the break!

Friday – Tournament Trios + Vintage & Legacy Trials

Saturday – Tournament Legacy + Pimp Invitational (Vintage)

  • 345 players took place in the Legacy main event.
  • Top8 looked like this: The Rock (Bonacchi), TES (Seretur), Monoblack (?), Ichorid (Ned Ludd – Report of his 5th position here), Merfolks (A german czech guy. You can find his list in the comments), CounterTop/Thopters (Another german guy)and (probably) a Boros and a Zoo.
  • Top4 looked like this: TES vs CounterTop/Thopters and Zoo Burn/Lynx vs Monoblack (?). You can read the report from the TES player (#3) here.
  • The winner of the 2010 Eurovino 5 Legacy event is… “Reto” with “Swiss Connection” (Burn + Steppe Lynx). You can read his report here.

Sunday – Tournament Vintage

  • 220 players took place in the Vintage main event.
  • The vintage final was splitted between the italian “ape” guy (TPS) and a  czech player Svatopluk Sejkora (Tezzeret). Info provided by Humppa.
  • The Vintage top 8 looked like: 3 Tezzerets, Ichorid, Stax, 2 Combos and and (likely) another Tezzeret or some control.  Info provided by straca3.
  • You can read the report of the winner TPS player here.
  • You can read the report of another top8 TPS player here.

I’m reading a lot of complains regarding the place of the tournament. Apparently the place was too small to host a 350+ player tournament.

The list of the Legacy winner:


[Maindeck] (60)
Steppe Lynx
Grim Lavamancer
Keldon Marauders
Goblin Guide
Price of progress
Lightning Bolt
Chain Lightning
Rift Bolt
Lava Spike
14 Fetchland
[Sideboard] (15)
Sulfuric Vortex
Searing Blaze
Vexing Shusher
Smash to smitherns
Volcanic Fallout
Pyrostatic Pillar[/Sideboard]