Eternal Central Staff Presentations

We’ve been quite for few days but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working! As the Eternal Central project grows, our only goal is to consolidate the site as the #1 reference for Eternal News, tournaments, articles, etc… So, How we do that?

Easy! By having a good team of people that love what they do and enjoy contributing for the community. You might already know some of the EC members, but the family has grown in number, so let me introduce you the full EC staff team:

  • Jason Jaco (JACO) – From my point of view, he’s one of the biggest gurus of Eternal. Not as famous as Menendian, but Jason definitely can write some kick ass articles. He’s been, probably, one of the best “pimpers” that ever existed. Even though he sold LOTS of cards (^^¡) he still own some pretty cool stuff.
  • Benjamin Guillerm (Watanabe) – One of the players that has more influence in the french and European eternal scene. Devoted to Vintage and Legacy, Benjamin and his teammates from the GT-Team ( are famous for having created the Selkie Fish (aka Noble Fish). Benjamin is a celebrity among the French community and I’m sure his good contacts will be really useful to make EC grow a lot.
  • Juan Vilar (Troin) – 20 top of the Spanish DCI Total Rankings, pro-player and Extended/Legacy expert, who will surely contribute a lot with his wisdom, reports and articles. On top of that, Juan is a web designer that will help us make EC look professional as well as even more functional.
  • Raul Rabionet ( Absurd Collector). Raul is a lvl 3 judge who’s attended to many big eternal events and knows perfectly how Vintage and Legacy work (as well as other randomless-formats, such as Standard, etc… obviously!). On top of that, he’s also the spanish (also Portugal if i’m not wrong) DCI judge coordinator. He’s really devoted despite his insane amount of work. Outside the mtg-scene, Raul is a lawyer who works as a consultant, excellent person and incredibly fun! Raul will be running a column twice a month where he’ll answer all your questions regarding Eternal: interactions of cards, situations, rules, etc…
  • Andrew Weinberger (aka andrew777). Andrew is an american collector who has some pretty sick stuff (such as this über hot Bazaar of Baghdad and loves to play eternal. This 3 Pro-point owner and old school Legacy expert  has a very interesting background that will surely provide a critic view from what is often presented on the regular media sources (SCG, etc…).
  • Nicolas Vaillant (aka Neonico). Nico is a real passionate french player who loves to play any kind of format, including the more casual ones like Cube Draft, EDH, etc… He travels a lot to play the professional circuit and has recently done very good performances at GP’s. We’re sure sooner or later he’ll manage to win one!
  • Jordi Amat (piZZero) – That would be me ^^. Pimp freak and lover of the eternal formats who’s spent years contributing the community with the Team Pataners site. Proud to be in this project next to all the guys listed above!

The EC staff isn’t closed yet! We’d love to incorporate anyone willing to participate, and specially those who’d like to cover what’s going on with Eternal in their countries. If you think you can contribute, feel free to send us a mail at and let us know what your thoughts are!

In the end, Eternal Central wants to be that, a central for all Eternal players. The place where you’ll read about european tournaments, japanese tournaments, american tournaments, etc… A site to read articles from people all around the world, with different cultures and different backgrounds.

We want you to enjoy EC!