DegenCast Episode 14: February 2021 Banned and Restricted List Updates

After an extended break, the boys are back in town! Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe are talking about the recent Banned and Restricted List update from February 15th, dissecting all of the huge changes across formats. Also in this cast: lots of elk noises, complaining about the Cantrip Cartel, Jame poor-shaming again, and a tutorial on playing chess with pigeons.

00:00 It’s a beautiful morning!
01:00 The first of many elk noises
02:34 Jame takes an entire minute to read the full Banned and Restricted List update (15 cards!)
04:15 Jame demonstrates that he can, in fact, read
05:50 Actual explanation of the Cascade rules change
09:20 The boys have no attention span
10:20 The boys are…hopeful?! Quick, they’ve been abducted!
12:05 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE (Highlander goodness)
14:05 Lurrus
16:00 Jame and Rich discuss Legacy instead of complaining about it!
16:55 Arcum’s Astrolabe Chat (BLOOD MOON RIDES AGAIN)
19:03 Oko, Thief of Crowns (Jame knows the exact amount of time it was legal)
23:00 Dreadhorde Archanist Chat (yes, we talk about the Cantrip Cartel again)
31:24 “Playing Chess with a Pigeon”
33:10 Please bring dice and tokens, kids
35:34 Outro
Total runtime: 37:16