DegenCast Episode 11: Plaguefest, Legacy 606, and the Corona Cup

The Hacks (Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe), joined by Ryan “Rusty” Hobbs, verbally shitpost, discuss some webcam Magic, and goof off for an hour and a half. Big ups to James for finishing this episode, despite losing the master and starting over 3 times.

00:00:00 Our Best Intro Music Ever
00:00:43 Rusty Plugs His Twitter Account Like a Narcissist
00:04:08 Ikoria Discussion begins
00:06:35 Plaguefest 2020 Recap – Aussie Highlander (7 pt)
00:14:50 Plaguefest 2020 Recap – Hyperextended (Rusty Can’t Read Either)
00:36:30 Legacy 606 Intro and FNM Recap
00:50:32 Corona Cup, Hosted by Alamo City Old School, a Recap
01:07:10 The “Closing Half of This Episode” (Skype Magic)
01:19:15 Did You Really Think We Could Go a Whole Episode Without Saying “Ban Brainstorm?”
Total runtime: 1:25:09