Awesome Alterations by Gosu – Morphling playset

The world of alterations is in such an amazing state of grace, seriously! I’ve been lucky enough to see the evolution of this mtg trend since its early days and, all I got to say is that the quality of the alterations that are being painted nowadays by people like poxy14, nana, gus, sandreline, etc… is INSANE.

Here at Eternal Central we are huge fans of alterations, specially from those that come straight from the mtg artists (Terese Nielsen, Ron Spencer, Ken Meyer Jr., etc…) but we also love to share the best alterations from the non-professional mtg artists. In this case, a guy named Gosu has released this awesome playset of Morphlings on eBay. Enjoy!

Click on the image for more details!

If you are a fan of alterations you should also follow the Alter Club at Facebook. There are plenty of artists who joined that club so you can easily follow what’s going on in the world of alterations.

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