Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 8: Mavericks

In this episode of Tusk Talk Brendan Hagen (Seemsgood), Josh Hand (Megadeus), and Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung) skim the surface of the Legacy deck Maverick in the new metagame. Results from SCG Columbuus Legacy Classic are examined, along with the MTGO Legacy Champs, and the GigaBites Legacy Quarterly tournament for a Mox Ruby. This leads to some talk about the Legacy Dark Depths archetypes that have been showing up, 12-Post, Elves, and a couple other Legacy decks. Finally, the team briefly discuss the impact of Eternal Masters on Modern players.


Show Notes

SCG Columbus Legacy Classic Decklists
SCG Baltimore Legacy Classic Decklists
MTGO Legacy Champs, July 25 2016
Doomsday MTGO Alternate Art Promo

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Sean OBrien

Sean O'Brien is nearly as ancient as Magic itself, having earned his scars playing in the 4 Balance era. He is also the founder of the O'Brien School of Magic, a member of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and a founding member of Team Tusk (and the associated Tusk Talk podcast). He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.