Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 12: The TaxMen and Eternal Weekend 2016

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou). Today we speak with two members of the EV grinder squad “The Taxmen,” straight out of the ATL. We interview EC Old School 2016 Champion Daniel ‘Hit&Quit’ Humphreys and Stephen ‘Rosenblade’ Rosenthal (both founding members of the Taxmen). We discuss the Old School 93/94 format, and how much fun we had at Eternal Weekend. We then go in to the StarCityGames and Tales of Adventure updates for Legacy tournament circuit scheduling, and touch on some Legacy at the end.


0:00:01: Intro
0:01:22: Talking Old School with the Taxmen Daniel Humphreys and Stephen Rosenthal
0:49:00: SCG Tour Changes
1:17:30: Tales of Adventure Circuit & Large Tournaments
1:28:15: On Enjoying Eternal Weekend
1:32:05: Reviewing SCG Milwaukee Legacy Classic
2:07:00: Outro and Parting Words
Total runtime: 2:11:43

Show Notes

EC Old School 93-94 at Eternal Weekend 2016, Results
StarCityGames Tour Changes Announcement
Tales of Adventure Tournament Circuit Announcement

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Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien is nearly as ancient as Magic itself, having earned his scars playing in the 4 Balance era. He is also the founder of the O'Brien School of Magic, a member of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and a founding member of Team Tusk (and the associated Tusk Talk podcast). He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Mateosan71

    Awesome podcasts. More taxmen plz. I would love to hear Humphries take on financing your magic card collection he hinted at in the podcast. I am hooked on old school and vintage formats now after attending Columbus this past october.