• Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – 2005

    A year bracketed by the restriction of Trinisphere, and the introduction of Portal, 2005 was an exciting time to be playing Vintage. New strategies broke through, new printings surprised, and players like Robert Vroman and Roland Chang became Vintage legends. In the end, 2005 will perhaps best remembered as peak tournament Vintage. There were more large tournaments in 2005 than any year on record before or since, and the tournaments were among the largest in the format’s history, from the record breaking Waterbury, to the nine separate StarCityGames Power Nine tournaments, to gargantuan European tournaments with Grand Prix level prize support. 2005 is a year to remember and reflect upon, and this latest installment of the History of Vintage series provides a trip down memory lane for some, and a discovery opportunity for others.
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  • Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – 2004

    With this epic installment of his History of Vintage series, Stephen recounts the decks, tales of glory, and mighty tournament contests that defined Vintage in 2004. This was the year that Type I was rebranded as “Vintage,” the 2nd Type I Championship at GenCon, and the emergence of the StarCityGames Power Nine Series. It was also a fascinating year in which cards like Gifts Ungiven, Trinisphere, and Forbidden Orchard were printed, and in which Doomsday was unrestricted, and once again broke out with a mind-bending combo. This chapter reveals all this, and much more!
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  • Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – 2003

    For a format whose history stretches back towards the origins of the game, 2003 may well lay claim to being the most dynamic and pivotal year before or since in the History of Vintage. It was a year in which the format was rocked by dramatic restrictions, metagame convulsions, astounding printings and shocking new mechanics, quickened engagement and interest from the DCI and Wizards of the Coast, and the inauguration of a new annual Championship tournament. The investments of the player base in 2002 were bearing fruit, and the innovations and novel strategic developments were accelerating. New strategies were born, and old Schools of Vintage Magic were revived. In a sense, 2003 was a springboard for the evolution of the format since. It marks a transition from historical Type I to the format that would soon become known as Vintage.
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  • Dominating the Dojo – 1st Place in Bloomsburg with Twaunspresso Stax


    A ways back, Hitman (aka Paul Kim) mentioned making the trip out to Bloomsburg (PA, USA) to battle for a Mox Emerald. After a pep talk from fellow hip hop aficionado and Sucka Free MC Yangtime (aka Jerry Yang) I was talked into attending. It went a little something like this…
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  • X and Owen – On Workshops and Sucking

    (Editor’s Note: this is Owen’s follow up to his Vintgage Champs 2010 report, and may or may not have appeared elsewhere but has been reprinted with permission of the author Owen Turtenwald to serve as a companion work with his other Vintage writing.)

    Originally I was going to title this article “Why Lodestone Golem is the Worst Card in Vintage.” Ok, ok, hyperbole aside Lodestone Golem is not the actual worst card in Vintage, but I do believe that it is insanely overrated. For one thing, Lodestone says non-artifact which for some reason most people don’t consider a serious drawback. But when every deck you play against has about 10 artifacts, most of which provide mana and make his ability worse, it’s much less attractive. I can hear the forum responses now. “IT DOESN’T AFFECT MY SMOKESTACK!11!!1!” But you already have at least 4 mana for the Golem, which means you are playing Mishra’s Workshop so your deck has about 35 or roughly a million mana in it, so it’s not much of a bonus that he doesn’t affect your cards. The fact that you’re trying to restrict the mana that your opponent is playing is what is most important, because that makes all of your other Spheres that much better.
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  • [Video] Xtreme Games 08-15-2010 Finals Game 1 – Jerome Yanchick vs Jimmy McCarthy

    Xtreme Games held a Vintage tournament for a Time Walk and other nice prizes on 08-15-2010. After the 5 rounds of Swiss, then Quarterfinals, and then Semifinals, Jerome Yanchick (Team Empire) was left to battle Jimmy McCarthy (Team Serious, Team Meandeck) for a Time Walk. Jerome is pictured on the left piloting 5C ‘Empire’ Stax, and Jimmy is on the right piloting ‘Serious’ Bomberman. Check out the video of Game 1 after the jump!

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