So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 52: Shadows Over Innistrad and Banned & Restricted List Updates

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Shadows Over Innistrad and analyze the April Banned and Restricted List updates for Vintage.


0:01:00: Banned and Restricted List Update
0:58:00: Asia Vintage Championship
1:03:00: Removal of MTGO Replays
1:16:15: Oath of the Gatewatch Report Card
1:26:45: Shadows Over Innistrad Mechanics
1:43:50: The Gitrog Monster
2:04:17: Sin Prodder
2:07:19: Brain in a Jar
2:21:12: Drownyard Temple
2:27:50: Heir of Falkenrath
2:34:54: Anguished Unmaking
2:41:48: Declaration in Stone
2:47:52: Sigarda, Heron’s Grace
2:51:33: Prized Amalgam
2:55:21: Archangel Avacyn
3:02:39: Thing in the Ice
Total runtime: 3:32:20

Show Notes

April Banned & Restricted List announcement
Asia Vintage Championship decklists
Shadows Over Innistrad Card image gallery
Shadows Over Innistrad release notes
MTGO decklist search
MTGO November premier event analysis
2016 Q1 Vintage metagame data

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  • Rodrigo E. Togores Moli

    Nice potcast!
    I do think restricting lodestone is good. Past times the mud deck had his plan (ravager, tespian, smokestack…) plus the lodestone one (less coll and intective). Now they play better games. And thats cool.

    Also I do think gush is a card to look for. May be not now but in the future. Also seems like Steve loves that card (he does ofc) and tryed to make arguments to not ban it. Just seemed like so.

    Finaly just on the waste thing. There is no reason to play a waste in mud. Players would play island or plaing over waste all days of his life (if there are no eldrazi spell in his lists) because that card could pay for the phyrexian costs of Metamorph or Legionarie.

    Gj! Keep going!

  • Teluin

    I am finding this podcast to be annoying. Normally you guys are great, but the first 40ish mins (where I am at as I write this) has mostly consisted of bickering like children.