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  • So Many Insane Plays – From Confidant to Cobra Gush: First Place in Sandusky

    Today, Stephen Menendian unveils his post-Vintage Champs deck of choice. The recent Team Serious Open in Sandusky, Ohio, provided a battle ground in the post-Champs metagame, with many of Vintage’s brightest minds in attendance. After the dust settled Stephen was crowned the winner, piloting an innovative take on Cobra Gush. He gives an in depth look at his card choices and reasoning, and looks at each of his games in this tournament, turn through turn, detailing the decision tree and ramifications of in-game actions.
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  • Vaulting Through Ohio – Vintage in Sandusky

    Earlier this year the members of Team Serious, that is, my teammates, decided there wasn’t enough Vintage action going on in the great Ohio valley, so they decided to do something about it and organized a tournament at POP! in Sandusky, Ohio (USA) for July 2nd, 2011. Team Serious extraordinaire Nat Moes of Charbelcher fame traveled in from the DC area and took down the whole thing with Wizards.dec. Yep, seriously. You can find all the sick decklists from that tournament here, courtesy of Asian assassin and rap battlemaster Twaun007.
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  • So Many Insane Plays – Understanding Confidant Gush

    (Editor’s Note: This content was formerly published on Quiet Speculation, and the former Downloadable Product has since been made available free here with the permission of the author and QS. Enjoy!)

    Gush is the Vintage Magic equivalent of the Wonderlic test. How a player views Gush as a card is indicative and suggestive, although not determinative (by any means), of their Vintage IQ. If a player looks at Gush, and is either unimpressed or thinks it’s simply not that good, it is only a matter of time until they are proven wrong. If a player doesn’t know how to play Gush, and fumbles around with it in testing, it’s guaranteed that they will underestimate it. If a player casts Gush on turn two, and passes the turn without doing anything else meaningful, they are GushFailing.
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  • Team Serious Open Live Stream

    Welcome to the LIVE broadcast of the Team Serious Open (TSO)! The TSO is being held today at POP! in Sandusky, OH (USA). Join us below for live coverage and streaming of some of Vintage’s finest players. This star-studded field includes the likes of the Master of Magic Jerry Yang, Lord of the Cats Jimmy McCarthy (our technical wizard today), former Vintage World Champion Stephen Q. Menendian, Mike the Salad Solymossy, and many more of the USA’s brightest minds in Vintage!

    Shouts out to Team Serious, POP! owner Dave P. Baum, and Grim Foe Games for broadcasting this in New York.

  • Gen Con 2011 Vintage Champs Top 8 Videos

    For those who weren’t able to watch the live stream of the 2011 Vintage Champs Top 8, the archived videos are now available.

    Top 8 Quarterfinals
    Ryan Glackin (Cat Stax Fever) defeats Joe Brown (Painter) – no video
    Paul Mastriano (Bob Gush) defeats Rich Shay (Gush Storm) 2-1 – no video
    Stephen Menendian (Bob Gush) vs Joseph Bogaard (BUG Fish) – video below

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  • Gen Con 2011 Vintage Champs Top 8 Decks

    BOOM! Here are the Top 8 decklists from the Vintage Champs at Gen Con 2011. Congratulations to winner Mark Hornung!
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  • Gen Con 2011 Eternal Event News

    Welcome to Eternal Central’s coverage of GenCon 2011! Scroll down below for Vintage and Legacy results as they stream in. We will be updating this periodically throughout the weekend as news, results, and tidbits flow in from the Internet and our friends on site, so keep hitting the F5 to refresh all weekend and keep it locked to EC for your Eternal news!
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  • Gen Con 2011 LIVE STREAM!

    The 2011 Gen Con is currently taking place in Indianapolis this weekend and we are lucky enough to catch the Top8 LIVE of the Vintage World Championship as soon as they are done with the USnats! Our Eternal Central Contributor, Stephen Menendian is currently 4-0 5-0 according to his twitter account @SMenendian.

    Stephen Menendian

    @SMenendian Stephen Menendian
    5-0 just beat Paul mastriono my good friend and teammate 🙁

    Stay tuned to our LIVE Stream (powered by GGSLive) to watch all the upcoming events:

  • So Many Insane Plays – 2011 Q2 Vintage Metagame Report

    (Editor’s Note: This former Downloadable Product has now been made free to all customers. Enjoy!)

    Ah Vintage, you are a stunning creature. Just 18 and a half years old, reaching maturity, you are in full bloom. It is my pleasure to help others appreciate your wonder. The Vintage metagame is a special creature, but it takes a seasoned hand to help illuminate this beauty. Every quarter, just as corporate America is compiling and releasing earnings reports for investors and regulators, I am doing the same, but for the Vintage format.
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  • So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 4: Cat Stax Fever

    Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian provide an in-depth analysis of Cat Stax, discuss related theories on Workshop Aggro, and address listener feedback on Magic 2012 and creature design in Vintage.
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  • So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 3: M12 Set Review for Vintage

    Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Magic 2012 for Vintage and discuss listener feedback on what makes Magic fun.
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  • So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 2: Vintage Metagame Overview 2011Q2

    Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss listener feedback on the least unrestrictable card in Vintage, address the lack of Banned and Restricted List changes in Vintage on 6/20/11, and provide an overview of the Vintage metagame.
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  • So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 1: Inauguration

    Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian kick off the So Many Insane Plays podcast with a discussion of power level errata, Commander cards in Eternal, and the results of the recent Bazaar of Moxen Vintage tournament.
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  • So Many Insane Plays – What is the LEAST Unrestrictable Card in Vintage?

    This month may herald some exciting changes to the Vintage Restricted List. In recent years, the DCI has typically made adjustments to the Vintage Banned and Restricted List mid-year, perhaps with an eye towards the Vintage Championship at GenCon. For each of the last five years, changes to the Vintage Restricted list have been announced, and all of the announced changes to the Vintage occurred in June or September.
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  • Why Fact or Fiction Should Be Unrestricted: An Open Letter to the DCI

    (Editor’s Note: this article was co-authored by Stephen Menendian and William Winger

    Almost ten years on, the time has come to reconsider Fact or Fiction‘s restricted status. As difficult as it is for us Eternal enthusiasts to believe, Fact or Fiction has now inhabited the Vintage Restricted List for half of the game’s existence. Announced December 2001, and effective January 1st, 2002, the restriction of Fact or Fiction demarcates the midpoint in the life of the Vintage format and the game itself, the fulcrum between 1993 and 2011. This fact underscores the need to reconsider whether it still deserves to be restricted. We make the case not only that Fact or Fiction no longer deserves that status, and can join the ranks of cards like Gush and Frantic Search which have safely returned to the format unrestricted, but that its unrestriction would be a net positive, promoting the strategic diversity of the format and generating interest, enthusiasm, and good will throughout the format.
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  • Bazaar of Moxen 2011 Vintage Decklists, Reports, and Video Roundup

    Bazaar of Moxen 2011 Vintage Decklists, Reports, and Video Roundup

    This past weekend marked the fifth annual Bazaar of Moxen tournament in Annecy, France. An insane 383 players came out to battle in the Vintage main event for some incredible prizes, and Omar Rohner of Spain ended up conquering the field with TurboTezz, overcoming Italian powerhouse Lorenzo Fedeli (playing a different build of TurboTezz) in three action packed games!
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  • So Many Insane Plays – New Phyrexia Vintage Set Review

    (Editor’s Note: This content was formerly published on Quiet Speculation, and the former Downloadable Product has since been made available free here with the permission of the author and QS. Enjoy!)

    The Phyrexians have arrived, and they seek to remake the orb of Mirrodin in their own image. Will they remake Vintage as well?
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  • New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    Whenever a new set is released a handful of writers do a set review, and we’re throwing our hat into the ring now too. We’re not going to review every card in the set here, because that would be a waste of everyone’s time. What we will do is touch on the things that we think are remotely playable in the Eternal formats, and try to figure out a home for these cards in either new or existing decks. This will be a new feature here at Eternal Central, so buckle up your seat belts and join us for the ride as we review New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4 (bonus)! Continue Reading

  • Grand Prix Barcelona, here we go!

    In case you didn’t know (or you forgot), this weekend will take place in Barcelona (Spain) the next Grand Prix. The one who’s writting here happens to live in Barcelona, so you can expect some pictures and reports of the event as soon as the weekend passes by. A quick reference to the event site:

    Fira De Barcelona (Montjuic), Hall 8
    Avda. Reina Maria Cristina s/n
    08004 Barcelona

    Google Maps

    As I, personally, couldn’t care less about yugi’oh formats such as Standard or Extended (much respect for the pro’s and kids who play it though), my personal goal at the GP is to get my cards signed and to play the Legacy/Vintage side events. When the first news about the GP arised, I was surprised to see that Greg Staples was comming to sign cards (together with John Avon). Damn, seriously! Greg Staples? I almost jizzed in my pants when I read about it! Why? Because I happen to have a playset of Japanese Ill-Gotten Gains signed by the singer Iggy-Pop! (picture after the break). My wet dreams of getting that playset double signed were about to become true until… yesterday.

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  • Xtreme Games Vintage 02-20-2011 Results, Lists, and Pics

    Xtreme Games 02-21-2011 Results, Lists, and Pics

    Thanks to Eric and Shannon at Xtreme Games in Lindenhurst (IL, USA) for hosting another sweet monthly Vintage event. Unfortunately the weather in the Midwest was a drag and only 14 players came out to battle for the guaranteed Unlimited Mox Pearl for first place, and it seemed like all 14 had a good time. There were some fresh faces and some of the old guard in attendance. The farthest traveler that I know of (Evan Caufmann) came down from Michigan, so props to him!
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  • So Many Insane Plays – The 2010 Vintage Year in Review

    2009 was the Year of the Monster. 2009 witnessed the printing of many new colossi: Inkwell Leviathan, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, and Iona, Shield of Emeria, most prominently. 2010 marked the dawning of a brave new world for Vintage players, a world awakened. Continue Reading

  • So Many Insane Plays – The Mirrodin Besieged Vintage Set Review

    (Editor’s Note: This content was formerly published on Quiet Speculation, and the former Downloadable Product has since been made available free here with the permission of the author and QS. Enjoy!)

    I. Introduction

    Welcome loyal reader! In this article I continue my long tradition of reviewing new sets for Vintage format (the greatest format!) applications. As always, I will also provide a checklist of cards from Mirrodin Besieged that you will want to acquire to complete your collection and enable you to play any deck in the format. This checklist will give you a heads up over the competition, and allow you to make better trades. I will tell you which cards you should pick up now, which cards you should wait to pick up (because I expect them to fall in price), and which cards will be the sleepers you can make a killing on.
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  • So Many Insane Plays – Decoding the DCI

    The DCI is a body composed of some of the smartest people in Magic. Unfortunately, intelligence does not entail the ability to communicate ideas or thoughts clearly or effectively. Tom LaPille was a notable addition to the staff of Wizards of the Coast, not simply because of his accomplishments in Magic, but because of his ability to communicate the groupthink of a nest of brainiacs to the outside world. With notable speed Tom became the voice of Wizards R&D as he took over the reins of the column titled Latest Developments. This is not to say that Erik Lauer, the individual responsible for explaining the most recent changes to the Banned and Restricted List, has not explained the changes clearly or effectively. However, further elaboration or insight would be helpful. The implications of the most recent B/R list announcement reach Vintage as well as Legacy. Permit me to attempt to decode the DCI…

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  • Survival of the Fittest Banned in Legacy, No Changes in Vintage

    It’s that time of year again, and the DCI has announced changes today to the Banned and Restricted Lists:
    Announcement Date: December 20, 2010
    Effective Date: January 1, 2011

    Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed, Standard, Extended, Vintage
    No changes

    Survival of the Fittest is banned.
    Time Spiral is unbanned.
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