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  • BIG PIMPIN – The most pimp Mana Drains you’ve ever seen!

    It’s hard to describe how amazing these Mana Drain are. So, less words more pimp!

    Mark Tedin is taking it into a new dimension. Congratulations to Mr. Juzam from!

  • Japanese + Djinn Force of Will playset altered by Terese Nielsen

    This is probably the best playset of Force of Will we’ve ever seen altered from our EC sponsor, Terese Nielsen.  Congratulations to Alessio from Italy, the owner of this sick piece of art!

    Click on the image to zoom

    Terese, we love these Djinns + “Japanized” alterations!

    Remember that if you want to get your own cards altered by Terese Nielsen, here at Eternal Central we are offering you a 5% discount + free shipping (which tends to be expensive) by just following the instructions that can be found here or by clicking to our Terese Nielsen Banner.

  • Pimp my Vault/Key Vintage Combo!

    It’s taken quite a while but I finally managed to complete my fantastic trio with the acquisition of a Japanese Urza’s Saga Voltaic Key signed by Henry G. Higgenbotham. The Tezzeret is foil japanese and signed by Anthony Francisco and, finally, the Beta Time Vault signed by Mr. Mark Tedin.

    As a bonus track, let me show you the video I recorded for the old site ( of Mark Tedin drawing on JACO’s playmat in GP Madrid!

  • Pimp my… Force of Wills (By Terese Nielsen to Albareda)

    My good friend Arnau, aka Albareda, commissioned some months ago a playset of Force of Wills to Terese Nielsen. The wait (and the money) was more than worth judging by the level and quality of the job Terese has done. Congratz to Arnau for this amazing acquisition!

    Yawgmoth’s What? You can KISS my FoW!

    Don’t forget that, if you’d like to commission Terese Nielsen to alter some of your cards you can enjoy a 5% off + free shipping here, only at Eternal Central. You can read more about this offer in our Terese Nielsen Alterations Page.

  • Terese Nielsen Teams up with EC!

    You all know the passion we feel about Terese Nielsen and her work, specially the alterations. We’ve been promoting her art and auctions for many years already and will keep doing it as long as this website is up and running.

    Terese Nielsen is a woman with clear thinking and a very good sense of business. That’s why, after presenting her some data gathered by our Google Analytics and eBay Affiliate Program, she saw the possibility of working together. Many of you that come visit us are huge fans of her art as well, and you come because it’s probably the only place where you can keep the track of this kind of stuff.

    In the following link you’ll find all the information regarding our publicity agreement as well as the benefits from this offer, terms and conditions. You can also see some examples of her latest alterations and earlier work. Hope you guys enjoy this amazing deal!

    Terese Nielsen Alterations

    We’ve placed a banner at top of the sidebar as well as a tab on the top menu so you can always get access to this promotion.

    I’d like to finish this post with a video from Michael Jackson that describes very well the feeling of this moment.