So Many Insane Plays – Vintage Maniac Doomsday Combo Platter


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In this ‘So Many Insane Plays – Vintage Maniac Doomsday Combo Platter,’ you will receive both of author Stephen Menendian’s articles about the Vintage Maniac Doomsday deck, with a discount! The first article, So Many Insane Plays – DOOMSDAY RETURNS! How to Build Doomsday Piles and Win in Modern Vintage, explains optimal deck construction, crafting Doomsday piles, and sideboarding options and plans, with over 15 different Doomsday scenarios analyzed and detailed.

The second article, So Many Insane Plays – Top 8 With Doomsday at Waterbury, and Forward Thinking, is a a blow by blow account of Stephen battling his way to the Top 8 of the esteemed Waterbury/TMD Open 15 tournament, including an epic match with the legendary Chris Pikula. Stephen goes on to detail lessons learned from his tournament experience, and shares his updated list and ideas for the Maniac Doomsday list going forward for aspiring players looking to pilot this beast in upcoming tournaments! He also presents more detailed information on the notable Mishra’s Workshop matchup, and slight tweaks to give you an edge for your expected metagame.