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About once a year, Stephen Menendian innovates a new deck that changes the Vintage metagame. Decks like Maniac Doomsday and Burning Tendrils are examples from recent years, and decks like GroATog and Meandeck Gifts are examples of yesteryear from rich history of the Vintage. If you only read one strategy article this year, this is the one to get. Stephen is proud to unveil his new Grow list coupling Young Pyromancer and Regrowth with Gush, which he claims will shake up the entire metagame. Gush is back in a big way.

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Since the unrestriction of Gush, the chief obstacle to success has been Mishra’s Workshop-based decks. Workshops punish Gush decks for all of the reasons I lay out in my Gush book, by taking away virtually all of the tactical and design advantages of Gush decks: the virtual card advantage generating by the Turbo Xerox principle, the efficiency of Gush being free, and so much more. Combating Workshops is an uphill battle, at best, for Gush decks.

That’s why Young Pyromancer is so important. It’s the strategic and tactical answer to Workshop decks, which dominate the board and prevent you from playing spells. One of the ways that they do that is through permanent advantage generated by cards like Crucible of Worlds and Smokestack. Young Pyromancer leverages your spell celerity to match and even overcome that advantage. Consider this simple sequence:

Turn 1:

You: Mox, Volcanic Island, Young Pyromancer.

Your Opponent: Mishra’s Workshop, Mox, Lodestone Golem.

You: Force of Will the Golem, generate a token.

At this point, you have 4 permanents on the table. It’s very difficult for most Workshop decks to recover from this board state. Tangle Wire won’t do much. Even if Spheres enter the battlefield, every cantrip and counterspell you play generates more tokens. Pyromancer is unaffected by Thorn of Amethyst.

Pyromancer is the solution Grow decks have been looking for.
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