So Many Insane Plays – Legacy Maniac Doomsday Combo Platter


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In this ‘So Many Insane Plays – Legacy Maniac Doomsday Combo Platter,’ you will receive both of author Stephen Menendian’s articles about the Legacy Maniac Doomsday deck, together at a 20% DISCOUNT.

The first article, So Many Insane Plays – The Legacy Doomsday Device Primer, is a 33 page primer providing deck construction and card selection notes and analysis, as well all of the tips, tricks, and advice you need to learn how to play the beast that is Legacy Maniac Doomsday, and will provide the 12 basic Doomsday scenarios you must master.

The second article, So Many Insane Plays – Doomsday: The Puzzling – Five Puzzles to Blow Your Mind!, provides an awesome update to the Legacy Doomsday primer, and then goes on to test your skills, challenge your knowledge of the format, and expand your mind as Stephen takes you to your wit’s limit with five brilliant and progressively difficult puzzles. Modeled after Mark Rosewater’s famous column, “The Puzzling,” these brain teasers are based on in-game situations that might arise in Legacy tournaments, providing hours of entertainment as you bend your brain around these scenarios.