So Many Insane Plays – From Confidant to Cobra Gush


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Today, Stephen Menendian unveils his post-Vintage Champs deck of choice. The recent Team Serious Open in Sandusky, Ohio, provided a battle ground in the post-Champs metagame, with many of Vintage’s brightest minds in attendance. After the dust settled Stephen was crowned the winner, piloting an innovative take on Cobra Gush. He gives an in depth look at his card choices and reasoning, and looks at each of his games in this tournament, turn through turn, detailing the decision tree and ramifications of in-game actions.

After making Top 8 at Vintage Champs very recently with Confidant Gush, why move to Cobra Gush? What are the tactical or metagame reasons for doing so, and what does Cobra provide that Confidant does not? How does Cobra Gush play out against other Confidant decks? Author Stephen Menedian addresses these questions and more in So Many Insane Plays – From Confidant to Cobra Gush: First Place in Sandusky. This is a fine addition and must read for those searching for the ultimate Gush deck, and those seeking to understand the continuing evolution of Gush in Vintage.