Madison Offensive 2019 Old School 93-94 Tournament

The Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central are proud to announce the third annual Madison Offensive, a charity Old School Magic 93-94 event in Madison, Wisconsin, on Saturday February 2 2019.

Tournament Entry and Prizes

The Madison Offensive 2019 Old School 93-94 tournament will be held on Saturday February 2 2019.
Tournament start time is 12:00pm (please arrive by 11:45am to check in, get set up, and do card signing).
Tournament structure and length will be SWISS+1 (7 rounds total). There will be no draws allowed, and at the end of 50 minutes if there is a tied match both players will do a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest (complete details in our Old School 93-94 rules here). Play a fun deck, imbibe, and have a blast with friends new and old!
Prizes will again be awarded by the Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central, and will be Old School cards in flavor and nature, Alpha through Fallen Empires. Please bring a black bordered playable card to contribute if you are able.
Entrance Fee will be donations (suggested amount $10-20 worth of supplies) for Charles S. Brownell Elemental School, a local school in Chicago that could use our help. Please bring some of the following items (all can be found at your local Target, Office Max, or on Amazon):

    TI – 30X IIS calculators
    Mechanical Pencils
    2 Pocket Folders
    Post-It Notes

Tournament Format and Rules

This Old School 93-94 tournament will observe the Banned and Restricted List found in the rules on the EC Old School 93-94 rules page here. This page always has a complete list of deck construction rules, sets allowed, errata, and the most up to date Banned and Restricted List. This is a non-proxy event, and per the rules above you are allowed to play any reprint if it is (1) Original Art, (2) Original Frame, and (2) Non-foil. This includes Chronicles Erhnam Djinn, 4th Edition Sylvan Library, Timeshifted Psionic Blast, and CE/IE Moxes, for example. We have now set up an Old School Lending Library, with tons of cards available for you to borrow for a specific day or event, ranging from Swords to Plowshares to dual lands to Field of Dreams to CE Power. It can be found online here.

Tournament Site and Decklists (Required)

Tournament Location:
Der Rathskeller
800 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706
(inside Memorial Union, on UW-Madison campus)

Der Rathskeller is a spacious place with plenty of table space, as well as affordable food and drinks (focusing on German beer). Metered and some limited free street parking, and metered lots, are available in the area.

For decklists, please take a picture of your deck ahead of time, or that morning on site, and email it to


This is a private invitation only event, with a capped number of players due to space. REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL!

Preregistered Players:
1. Bob Agra (IL)
2. Shane Semmens (IL)
3. Jaco (IL)
4. Chris Bergeson (IL)
5. Tyler Etters (IL)
6. Jason Paul (IL)
7. Matt Moss (IL)
8. Cater Petray (IL)
9. Ray Mattson (IL)
10. Mike Butzen (WI)
11. Danny Dunaway (WI)
12. Robert Vincent (WI)
13. Benjermin Perry (MI)
14. Andrew McLennan (MI)
15. Lorien Elleman (IL)
16. Greg Kotscharjan (IL)
17. Nick Rohr (IL)
18. Stephen Maldonado (WI)
19. David Velasco (IL)
20. Ian Blank (IL)
21. Curt Christian (TX)
22. Ron Longhi (IL)
23. Andrea Longhi (IL)
24. Matt Sharp (IL)
25. Dan Piquard (IL)
26. Slack (FL)
27. Sam Krohlow (WI)
28. Jon Tshida (MN)
29. David Holler (MN)
30. Joe Freshwater (MN)
31. Michael Russo (MN)
32. Brent Everest (KS)
33. Brandon Turner (KS)
34. Gregg Seaverson (WI)
35. Tiffany Seaverson (WI)
36. David Luety (WI)
37. Justin Schrank (WI)
38. Brian Jones (IL)

After Party and Weekend Plans

For individuals staying overnight, we will be organizing another informal afterparty (playing Middle School) at Essen Haus, another local German bar in Madison, later the same night (Saturday February 2, starting at 730pm). We already have room reserved for roughly 40 people at this spot. So just show up and find one of the Lords when you arrive.